Five fabulous Advantages Of Promotional Magnets

We all have custom magnets on our refrigerator doors and most people take a fancy in arranging it in special color patterns or as per the size or shape of the magnets. While some people find these magnets as attractive refrigerator door art, others use it as a convenient hold up to keep their daily reminders or those shopping lists secure. No matter what they do with these adorable custom magnets, the bottom line reads that magnets enjoy a high level of popularity among promotional gifts.3.5x2 Promotional Religious Business Card Magnets 20 Mil

Here are the five top benefits that make custom magnets one of its kind!

Regular impressions: There can’t be many other logo gifts that enjoy as much exposure as custom magnets. In every household people open their fridge doors many times a day, which will go up many times in summer and hot weather days. Just imagine the exposure that your logo gets every time they fetch their chilled beverages or fruits. By each passing day, your recipients will develop a friendliness and affinity to your brand and next time when they need any products or services, they will definitely know where to look!

Long shelf life: Magnets are functional and loads of fun alike. Your recipients will love to add magnets into their collection any day as custom magnets get seldom trashed unlike many other freebies that have low utility value. Available in a range of shapes and color choices, magnets are easy to customize and make unique logo item for all businesses.

Easy to hand out:Custom magnets are small and light weight, which makes it a perfect item for tradeshows and other mass events like mailer campaigns. The best part is that marketers need not arrange special transportation to carry these logo items, which means that they can save a lot on logistics cost.

Durable:While marketers have to strive hard to find shatterproof drinkware or apparels that fit their audience perfectly, magnets make a highly versatile and durable logo item that can be employed without any worries simply because custom magnets will make a tangible connection with every audience type, demographics and age groups. Last but not least, marketers who have a few surplus magnets can easily retain it for their next promotions as these are not damaged easily.

Unlike promotional items such as cups that might be broken or T-shirts that might no longer fit, promotional magnets enjoy a longer service lifespan because they are more durable and long lasting.

Lowest promotional Cost per Impression:On an average, a person will open the fridge 10 to 12 times a day according to a research done by American Purdue University, which means that even in a small family of just 3 members, a refrigerator magnet can make 924 impressions in a month and over 11,000 times per year!