Popular Themes for Halloween Fridge Magnets

With Halloween around, we are sure that you are busy hunting for some interesting, scary and value effective gifting choices. Have you ever thought of investing in a Halloween fridge magnets? No?! Then you should give it a thought because there is abundance of choice, when it comes to them. You can seek them in almost all fiery and scary Halloween themes and price ranges.

Going by trends, some of the popular themes for Halloween fridge magnets are –

  • Jack-o-lantern–jack –o-lantern magnets aptly portray the theme of pumpkin man and they make a perfect choice for greeting during Halloween season. Usually offered on round or rectangle magnets.
  • Skull– Skulls are the fieriest Halloween symbols and they are used in various capacities to recreate the mood of the occasion. You can perhaps send a skull magnet as a party invitation to all your near and dear ones. Most times round magnets are used for the purpose.
  • Headless horse – Seeing one in real would take away your breath and blow your wits isn’t it? With Halloween near, you can always recreate that dreaded mood by sending out headless horse fridge magnets in rectangular, square or round surfaces.
  • Black cat – A symbol of evil and fiery temper, it offers lots of room for exploitation during fiery Halloween season. A black cat magnet is definitely going to be a good choice if you wish to convey all your evil friends (just joking) a Happy Halloween.
  • Mummies – Dreaded, loved, and scary – do sound like a bunch of oxymoron thoughts. Isn’t it? You can play around with this uncertainty during Halloween celebrations by handing out these mummified magnets.
  • Black Widow Spider or Web – Large black widows hanging out of their webs can scare your wits in real, but you cannot take risk of scaring your guests with it. You can always choose to replicate the scary mood by handing out a scary black widow spider magnet.
  • Dracula – One of the scariest characters ever known to us. You can recreate the horror of blood bath in a modest way by investing in a Dracula magnet. They can be availed in different shapes, sizes and budgets. You can send them as an invitation for your Halloween party or as an encouragement token during nasty Halloween games.
  • Bewitching Owls – Owls are symbol of horror and are considered as bad omen in most cultures. You can always count upon them as one symbol of a Halloween. Bewitching owl magnets can be found on most online magnet stores or real day stores. You can send them as an invitation, acknowledgement or thanking favor for Halloween party, which you plan to organize.

We wish you all a scariest, fiery, nerve wrecking, and joyous Halloween with above mentioned Halloween fridge magnets themes.

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