Travel Magnets Make Interesting Travel Souvenirs for Everyone

Souvenir – we all love this word because it serves as a “memory savior” and it triggers many emotions within us. All these years you might have seen travelers trying to buy souvenirs to remember a wonderful journey that they had. On observing the travel souvenir collecting trends around the world, it can be seen that many people are keen to collect travel magnets because it survives any other souvenir item (read clothes, kitschy, craft items, art collectables) and continues to moisten memories by remaining over a refrigerator door.

Travel Magnets

Travel Magnets

Some of the popular types of travel magnets retained as a travel souvenirs include –

  • Attractions Fridge Magnets – As the name suggests, this custom magnet encapsulates information about architectures and points of interest in a particular region. This type of magnetic token is usually offered by advertisers serving as tour operators, tour organizers, local guides, etc to build their goodwill. In a way beautifully designed attractions fridge magnets hold immense capability to attract any onlooker and triggers a need of urgent vacation in them! Wow that sounds extremely beautiful isn’t it? What if you start pining for those green pastures of Scotland, Blue Danube or Sky scrapers of New York, by merely glancing at the magnet affixed at your friend’s refrigerator door? This is where the attractions fridge magnets truly wins the competition and becomes a wonderful travel souvenir.
  • State Travel Magnets – These magnets are typically offered by tour operators, guides, tour organizers or travel and tourism departments in a state striving hard to encourage tourist activities in an area. These magnets are basically created to attract tourists to a particular state and often bear visually enticing symbols or quick bites of information. When affixed over any bland ferrous metal surface, they can steal some quick glances and may trigger the desire for re-visit or initiate a feeling of immediate visit within a new viewer.
  • Beach Accommodation Magnets and Beach Travel Magnets As the name itself speaks, these magnetic souvenirs are mostly handed out by owners of beach accommodations.  These magnets wrap enough interest points to attract a traveler who likes to hit beach at a slightest pretext. It also makes a good memoir of a wonderful beach stay that a person has experienced.
  • Air Travel Magnets – They make a perfect promotion tool for airways or other airlines services providers and an emotional choice of travelers who sought air travel. These souvenirs typically act as brand building tools and they often play heavily on senses of onlooker who sees it for the first or nth number of time.
  • Travel Agent Business Card Magnets – These magnetic souvenirs are purely handed over to customers by travel agents or travel organizers to build their goodwill. They are often customized with contact details and interesting graphics, which captures attention of an onlooker.

You may hit upon any of the above mentioned choices during your next travel just see how they continue to moisten your memories throughout the lifetime.

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