Thanksgiving Magnets 2012

November is rolling by and everyone is busy in chalking out plans for celebrating Thanksgiving. This festival is all about sharing, caring and loving your dear ones and thanking god, elders for all their support, sacrifices, and love that they bestowed on us.

If you are habitual of gifting during this season, then perhaps Thanksgiving magnets might have caught up your attention. This is because all of a sudden everyone seems to be going bonkers about them. They are offered in different themes, colors, shapes, sizes, and only you just need to make your clear preferences.2x4-Inch-Square-Corner-Custom-Printed-Full-Color-Magnets

If you have made up your mind to double up your celebrations magnets then probably these themes will go well –

  • Turkey– This bird encapsulates the true flavor of Thanksgiving feast and is must have in any feast served during the day. It is believed that four turkeys were cooked and served during the first Thanksgiving feast in 1621. The bird became closely synonymous with the harvest feasts and has become an integral part of this special festivity. You can choose to create visual turkey magic by gifting turkey themed magnets to your near and dear ones. They will always make it a point to keep such promotional magnets closer to their eyes and will relish the memories of a good family time. Turkey shaped magnets can also serve the purpose well.
  • Cornucopia – This is a symbol of abundance, and is often depicted with a horn shaped container filled with fruits and vegetables, which signify abundance of Earths harvest. You can always utilize a cornucopia themed or shaped Thanksgiving magnet to wish others during this Thanksgiving season.
  • Pumpkin – This is one of the vegetables that are found throughout the year and Americans have never fallen short of expressing their fondness for this vegetable. Pumpkin themed magnets will spell the happiness in air and you can always seek them for gifting purposes.
  • First Thanksgiving – Some vintage images depicting the first celebration of Thanksgiving is sought by many who wish to remind others about the happiness and good family time that their ancestor enjoyed during the first feast. You can seek a vintage Thanksgiving magnet in remembrance of that great event, which paved way for modern day festivities.
  • Corn – This is another popular symbol of Thanksgiving and a favorite food crop in American continent. This crop is always placed in high pedestal during harvest festivals and has been an integral part of American dinner table since last 1000 years. It is believed that corn was cultivated by Mexicans some 7000 years back and was cooked during first Thanksgiving feast. You can always choose Thanksgiving corn themed magnet to express your happiness and thoughts to your family.
  • Happy family – This theme is definitely going to ring bells because Thanksgiving is always a time when everyone gathers under a roof to express their togetherness. A happy family bonding over a feast is always a best theme during any Thanksgiving season and people who receive it as a gift will definitely make it a point to affix it against visible surfaces within home or office.
  • Harvest – Magnets showing harvest crops such as beans, corn, cranberries are best choice during this season.

Thanksgiving magnets are simply amazing, only you need to spend some time to check out the best symbolic themes that gel with your personality and thoughts.

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