Custom Football Magnets – Unrivalled Business Opportunities

Football magnets stay in trend even after the football season and make popular handouts for everyone. By investing in these logo items, businesses can even level the rivalries in the games and turn the tide in their favor.

Football is a hotly contested team with clear favorites and rival teams for every football fan. Marketers can work with multiple teams in a city or state to bring all these teams closer to their brand and to engage the customers. You can even imprint multiple teams’ schedules on a single magnet to impress households with different favorite teams.

Football Schedule Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

sports magnets can also be imprinted with the schedules of all college teams during college events or spirit rallies. It will increase your brand popularity more than the individual team loyalty of football fans.

 You can even imprint schedules of different teams and run a promotion for people to receive the team magnet they want. It will make a great contest or fun game in social media for you to increase brand engagement. Your recipients will even be tempted to ask for more magnets for their friends or colleagues. So, your message will reach a wider audience than you thought.

Washington Team Football Schedule Fashion Shop Football Shape Magnets

Football offers something new always

Every new football season is exciting with fresh twists and turns. Nobody can predict the outcome or the team colors of the winning team. Star players change teams, fans may change loyalty and rookies bet hard on the team that they think is the best. Your customers will have ample reasons to follow the games and the players even when they switch sides and swap team colors while you have an opportunity to stay in their mind all through.

One Team Carolina Team Football Schedule Hotel and Resort Magnets

Football schedule magnets are daily reminders of not just your brand but offer your prospects something they adore. Your brand understands what’s important to them and the pulse that keeps them going. Game schedule magnets will take your brand wherever the football fans want them to reach and your business will get the much-desired word of mouth publicity.

Collared Shirt Shape Magnets 20 Mil

The game of football is ubiquitous and by making football magnets your marketing items you can easily align your brand with the excitement and emotion that goes hand in hand with this game and show your sporty spirit and allegiance to this classic game!

10x10 Custom Ball Shaped Magnets

Planning to use football schedule magnets as your custom gifts? Browse our collection and choose magnets to root for your favorite teams!

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