Sports Save the Date Magnets 2014 – Invite Your Friends for Friendly Match

All these years, you might have seen save –the –date cards being used for announcing wedding, engagement or other red letter events in life. This time, you can extend the same idea for promoting sports events. Here are some of the popular sports save the date magnets 2014, which can serve the purpose.


  1. Basketball save the date magnets – With March Madness and new NBL season in hindsight, it is definitely impossible for basketball fans to back off. They can always employ these magnets to attract the attention of fellow basketball fanatics or they can simply plan a reunion of friends and loved ones by sending them this magnet and inviting them to watch the game of their favorite team at their place.
  2. Hockey save the date magnets – This magnet is perfect choice for hockey fans trying to raise awareness about the game or the sport in total. Bonding with hockey fanatics and fans is the right way of utilizing these magnets.
  3. Baseball Save the date Magnets – As the name suggests, they are perfect for promoting the team spirit and popularity of baseball teams or players. These magnets also make a great choice for promoting your local or collegiate baseball team. Hand it out to customers or fellow students or countrymen during promotional events, social or community events, or other times.


4. Football Save the Date Magnets – Going by trends, American football is the most popular sporting event in USA. Super Bowl is the most popular one-day sporting event in USA. If you wish to bond with fellow fans, friends and others on the day, then, feel free to indulge with football save the date magnets. For better response you can mail them at least 3-4 months prior to the event.

5.Soccer Save the Date Magnets – Soccer may not enjoy cult status as some other US games such as American football and baseball, but its popularity is soaring with each passing year. Over the years it has grown to the stature of third most played sports in USA. If you love the sport and wish to attract others to this sport, then soccer save the date magnets offer a brilliant start. You can employ it for supporting your favorite team or for inviting friends or loved ones to join you for cheering up for your team from the stands or to huddle over the glass of drinks at your place or local club.

6.Golf Save the Date Magnets – Golf belongs to the league of an elite sport and it is enjoyed by wide mass of Americans. Being a true golf loving American you can always seek this magnet for value building.

You can also employ any of the above mentioned magnetic sports save the dates for sending invites to your sports –themed wedding, too.