4X4 Magnets – Everything You Wanted to Know About Them

4×4 magnets are one of the brilliant items sought for magnetic advertising. 4×4 is a comparatively bigger size for customized magnets but they are not overburdening. Over the years, they were largely used for announcing a new business, expressing sorrows, joys, concern, building impact and more. Now you might be thinking what makes them special and how they can fit into your scheme of things. Here is everything you wanted to know about them –

4x4 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnets

  • Squaring Information – 4×4 magnets offer advantage by lending large imprint space and work area. They can be utilized for positioning large chunk of information in any color ( we’ll touch this point later). Any information printed against this magnet stands high chances of perception across refrigerator doors and various other surfaces due to its exact square size.
  • Fair Pricing- If you are looking for a large imprint space for positioning your information at small price, perhaps you may have to compromise on quality or downsize your information. However, a square magnet eliminates this possibility allows you to utilize maximum imprint area at minimum price. You can further your savings by ordering high quality square magnets in bulk from any reputed online store.
  • Carrier of Emotions – A square magnet 4×4 easily becomes carrier of emotions because people would accept them wholeheartedly. 4×4 is large imprint area, when it comes to expressing joy of union or sorrow of departure or any other emotionally touching information. You can easily use these customized magnets to announce, thank, and myriad of other reasons.
  • High Visibility – A large square magnet full color 4×4 never misses an attention due to its magnet-tude. No wonder, large magnets 4×4 with squared and rounded edges are largely favored for save the date, calendars, and outdoor marketing over cars. Any information positioned over these square magnets would be highly appreciated because people cannot take their eyes of them.
  • Serves your Interest in Long Term – As said before people cannot take their eyes from a big and inspirational magnet vying for their attention and they would make it a point to retain them over their refrigerator doors as long as they can. This long term stay in the house not only helps to build goodwill, but also serves the purpose of marketing or magnet advertising.
  • Comes with Baggage of Goodies – Buying a 4×4 magnet from any reputed online store will help you to save on online design proof, art set up, full color printing and shipping. Many online stores also offer high discounts on bulk orders of these customized magnets.
  • Versatility – With personalized magnets does not fit into certain situations, but square magnets as this are perfect because everyone loves them. They can easily bring any information to the notice, which makes them a perfect choice for all situations. Be it announcing a sale, expressing your joy about holidays, announcing a baby shower, announce your wedding, announcing a reunion or anything these customized magnets are simply the best.

By now you might have realized how 4×4 square magnets can build your goodwill and confidence without leaving you cash strapped. There is always lots of room for experimenting over these custom magnets.

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