Take Advantage of Rectangle and Square Magnets – Read These 4 Tips

Do you know that shapes have endless characteristics and each one is communicating a different message to your audience? Rectangles and squares are common shapes and are easily recognizable that is why we came up with a Rectangle And Square Magnet Category. It is a shape that everybody can relate to.1x2 Custom Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

People can easily connect with your brand or company once you hand them out these commonly shaped magnets but it does not end there. There are a few other reasons why these shapes are effective and offer a great impact on you promotional campaign.

  • These shapes suggest honesty.
    As a business owner who wants to grow or expand the business, you want that people will get familiar with your brand or company right? You can easily make a connection with everyone in your community by handing these rectangle and square magnets.
  • These shapes have right angles which represents order and formality.
    When you do your promotional campaign, you make sure that the promotional tools you hand out will represent formality so that people who will receive these custom magnets will take you seriously. These are offered in different sizes for you to be able to find the exact one you need. A few of our samples are: 1×2 Rectangle Magnets (Square or Round Edge), 2×6 Square or Round Edge Magnets, 3×7 Rectangle Magnets and 10×4 Square or Round Edge Magnets.
  • It gives enough space for you to add important information such as the business’ contact information.
    Do you know that according to research, 33% of promotional magnets are kept because of contact information reference? Now, imagine that these people will keep your products for a year or even more than a year. The money you have invested in these custom magnets will be worth it. So have these custom magnets printed with your company name and contact information today.

Most promotional activities have a cost but we want you to get the best deal. Aside from that characteristics or how these shapes affects your promotions, we have other great offers for you to truly take advantage of our custom magnets.

When you order from us you get:

  • Free shipping
  • Free online design proof
  • Free art set-up
  • Lowest price match guarantee
  • On time delivery
  • Free art assistance

If you have questions regarding the freebies mentioned above. You may call us and we will gladly assist you with your concerns. Just dial our toll free number – 855-762-4638.

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