6 Reasons why Old School Sticker Marketing works

Stickers establish brands, get politicians elected , start conversations and increase brand exposure. The low cost of impressions coupled with high visibility and durability makes stickers favorite marketing tools in the low budget category. Offered in various shapes and colors, custom stickers can be customized to get your message across and engage the audience.

Here are some solid reasons that make custom stickers a safe bet in your marketing mix

Stickers are everywhere

Gone are the days when stickers were reserved for the bumpers. Today we have stickers of all shapes and sizes for water bottles, laptops, equipment, signs, phones and even people!

2 X 2 Inch Customized Square White or Clear Plastic stickers

Retro twist

Promotional stickers are tangible items that will remain in plain view of your audience unlike online promotions. When customized and distributed effectively, stickers will generate tons of brand impressions and word of mouth publicity at very low costs.

1 X 3 Inch Promotional Rectangle White or Clear Plastic stickers


Full color promotional stickers   will easily engage your audience with your brand through a light hearted dialogue. Cost effective and easy to distribute, stickers have a higher perceived value than many other customary mediums like flyers or brochures. Stickers are fun and your recipients will stick it as décor items or as a way to show their support to your cause or message.

Branding items                

Promotional stickers are not always handouts; these can be used effectively to brand products, packaging and signage to spread your message and promote your brand in a tasteful and subtle way that everyone will appreciate.


Targeted promotions

Because of the concise nature of a promotional sticker, it can be customized to reach out to your key audience with precision.


Word of mouth publicity is considered as the oldest promotional strategy and if you thought it is nonexistent in this robotic age, you could be in for a surprise. Word of mouth still holds the trump card in business promotions Reports show that even today 90% of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know. Stickers have always been used to encourage and amplify word of mouth publicity.

2 Inch Customized Circle White or Clear Plastic stickers

Non intrusive

Advertisements should ideally connect the audience with your brand and should not be intrusive and annoying. The advantage of stickers is that these are not even perceived as advertisements but are taken as personal endorsements and a stamp of support for a product or organization.

2 X 3 Inch Promotional Oval White or Clear Plastic stickers

 Enhance Other Marketing Efforts

Stickers can be used as stand- alone promotional items or can also be used along with other marketing strategies. For instance, free stickers can be traded for email addresses, can be used as mailer items or as awareness giveaways.

You can think of many innovative ways to include stickers into your marketing plan to create impressions, generate ROI and much more.


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