Custom Stickers Make Effective Marketing Tools – Must Read

Looks can indeed be deceptive! Custom stickers hold incredible promotional powers behind their diminutive design. However, most marketers take stickers for granted when it comes to marketing.

11.5x3 Custom Magnetic Car and Truck Bumper Sign Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Here are some brilliant tips to customize stickers and add value to these logo items.

Make it attractive and useful alike

Full color custom stickers can be imprinted with your brand, message and artwork. You can add value to custom stickers by adding conversion charts, emergency numbers or reference information that your customers might appreciate. This will inspire the users to use stickers and to refer it more often.

Generate interest

Logo stickers can generate quick interest among your customers and bring leads to your brand. Imprinting mascots or funny slogans are some of the many ways to turn stickers into powerful marketing tools that will drive crowds to your stores. You can even use it as markers to your stores by getting the decals imprinted with footsteps or arrow

Bigger the better

Small stickers might not be effective in getting your message across as the customers might find it hard to read the message from a distance. Make it large enough so that the prospects can view them clearly from the streets. Custom stickers can be used on doors, windows and walls to deck up the stores and to promote your brand. Sticker marketing campaign can be made effective with these useful tips.

Bumper stickers make heads turn

Bumper stickers will ensure the much needed portability to your brand. Stick it on your company vehicles to turn them into a mobile signage that is hard to miss out. You can even include bumper stickers in mailer campaigns and your recipients will be proud to fix it on their vehicles. Customize bumper stickers  with your brand, message or mascot to make heads turn. Every time your vehicle in on the move or pull a stop, your brand on it will get a lot of attention.

Stickers are available in dime a dozen models that it is never too hard to choose a model that matches your needs. Imprint a snazzy tagline, a social message or an interesting artwork to strike a conversation with your audience and make your brand popular. The best part is that sticker campaign is subtle and non-intrusive and will get your message across in a fun manner.

Hard pitch marketing may annoy customers; stickers will engage your audience with your brand in a light-hearted manner. Custom stickers are budget friendly and available in a range of delightful shapes including custom and die cut shapes. Choose a shape that complements your business, personalize with your message and design and you are all set to leave your mark in the minds of your audience.

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