Custom Awareness Magnets Will Get Across The AIDS Awareness Message Loud And Clear

December 1st is Aids awareness month and is observed to raise awareness in the public about HIV/AIDS and its treatment and prevention methods. Businesses can join their hands in the fight against this deadly disease by organizing health marathons and fund raising events for the benefit of survivors. Customized handouts like ribbon magnets will make a great way to highlight their commitment towards this social cause.

Ribbon shaped magnets are low in cost yet high in popularity, which makes it a perfect choice for mass events like health events. Red ribbon is the universally accepted symbol of AIDS awareness campaigns and these handouts will make your recipients feel committed to the cause and will spread this social message in the fastest way possible.

Here are some of the custom magnets that will surely make your AIDS awareness campaigns a great hit.

4×6 Custom Aids Awareness Day Magnets: Drum up support for the social cause with these impressive, full color magnets will grab a lot of attention. These make great promotional items for HIV clinics and non- profit health care organizations.

4x6 Custom Aids Awareness Day Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Ribbon Shaped Awareness Magnets 20 Mil: The unique and well recognized shape of these ribbon shaped magnets will buy easy attention from anyone who sees it. People will be encouraged to think and be part of the fight against AIDS every time they see this magnet.

2.5x3.5 Custom Ribbon Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Oval Shaped Aids Awareness Magnets: Spreading awareness can keep this deadly disease in check and that is what these impressive oval shaped magnets can do. Customize it with the awareness message and see how these cost effective handouts will get this message popular among the audience.

5x3.5 Custom Oval Shaped Aids Awareness Magnets 20 Mil

7×2 Custom Aids Awareness Day Refrigerator Magnets: These magnificent magnets will inspire the viewers and make them more aware of this disease. In diseases like AIDS where prevention is the only hope, these awareness magnets will make a great way to make people aware of the prevention of this deadly disease. It makes a great handout for health care brands and businesses.

7x2 Custom Aids Awareness Day Refrigerator Magnets 20 Mil

AIDS Awareness Day Outdoor and Car Magnets: Car magnets can take your message to a farther audience than you anticipated. Customize these with your message and brand to make it a high visibility billboard. These attractive magnets will make an interesting talking topic among anyone who sees it. Mobile blood banks and ambulance services can all use these logo magnets to spread the cause and their brand all at once. Every year, AIDS claim hundreds of lives all over the world. It is time to act by empowering people by making them aware of its risks before it is too late!

11.5x3 Custom AIDS Awareness Day Outdoor and Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

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