Business Card Magnets- Put Your Brand Right Into The Hands Of Your Audience

Business cards play a crucial role in the business development of any organization because business cards make the first contact point between their brand and their audience. Having an attractive business card will make their job half done. The main reason why some business products become more popular than the others is that they effectively put their brand ahead of their competitors.

Make a perfect first impression by handing out custom business card magnets that are available in the same size and dimension as normal business cards. These business card magnets can be customized with your address, brand and website url to make a long lasting reminder of your business for your customers. Unlike paper cards, magnetic business cards enjoy a high retention on the fridge doors and filing cabinets of the users. Every time they need your services they will instinctively take a look at the business card magnets on their fridge doors! Another big plus is that these full color business card magnets will grab a lot of attention from anyone who sees it and will kick off word of mouth publicity as well, thereby taking your message into a wider audience.

2x3.5 Custom Resort Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Start- up companies or budget marketers planning to boost their brand image on a budget will find these custom magnets a great choice. Personalize these business card magnets with your brand, product images or punch lines to make it unique and visually appealing. These will make great handouts during tradeshows and seminars.

Business Cards that never get misplaced

Business card magnets will never get torn, discarded or misplaced like paper cards as these can be placed on file cabinets, fridge doors or shelves to keep your business details right in front of the eyes of the customers.  These can be given along with purchases or can be imprinted with discount codes to turn it into loyalty gifts for existing customers.

Limitless choices on offer

Business card magnets are available in a range of exciting models. If you are looking for something that is a wee bit different from the ordinary business card magnets, peel and stick business card magnets will make a great choice. We even have custom business cards for each business lines like plumbing, lawyers or restaurants, which makes it easy for you to get an attractive business card magnet that features a design that matches your products. Just customize these with your brand and message to make it a high visibility business card magnet that is hard to miss. Magna door hanger with business card magnets is another smart option to promote all types of businesses and to grab the undivided attention of the users.

2x3.5 Peel and Stick Business Card Magnets

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