Promotional Sport Schedule Magnets- Earn Brand Appreciation The Whole Sports Season

Custom sports schedule magnets are a great way to pump up the hometown crowd and to get your message across in front of a massive sports loving community. Designed for every major professional teams in baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer leagues, sports schedule magnets will make a delightful way to get people talk about your brand. Sports schedule magnets will not just be appreciated all season long but will end up as team souvenirs as well.  Help your clients prepare for every big game and put your brand on a wide display all at once.

Turn fans to your brand ambassadors by handing out these sports schedule magnets of their favorite team and show the fun loving nature of your brand as well. Often a subtle and fun tinged branding campaign is more effective than promotions with a heavy marketing overtone.

We have multiple sports schedule magnets to choose from. Customize it with your brand, message or tagline to make it a great handout. Leave your team information on your refrigerator with a sports schedule magnet, which makes a budget friendly way to keep your teams schedule on full display. Everytime your sports crazy audience take a look at the favorite games on these schedules, they will grow closer to your brand as well,

Be it to sponsor the local sports club, reach out to the sports loving community or impress the sports fans among your employees, these custom magnets will make a great choice. It is not all! Sports season brings together families and friends together and anyone who sees these inspiring sports schedule magnets will invariably be thrilled to talk about your brand too.

Here are some sports schedule magnets that will make an interesting ingredient in your marketing mix. Football Sport Schedules Magnets make great store promotional items and mailer gifts to build up a buzz about the upcoming sports season and to bring the sports loving audience closer to your brand. These budget friendly items will enjoy a very high retention and appreciation for sure.

Peel & Stick Business Card w/ M.B.C. Pro Baseball Schedule Magnets: Hand out your business cards that double up as sports schedule magnets and make a double strike! Customize these full color magnets with your brand and message to make it an attention grabbing hand out for your audience.

3.5x9 Peel & Stick Business Card w/ M.B.C. Pro Baseball Schedule Magnets 25 Mil

4×7 Custom Football Schedule Indoor Magnets is another interesting model in sports schedule magnets. Ideal to promote football clubs or encourage aspiring football players to join the club, these custom magnets can be imprinted with the match schedules of your favorite football team and distribute among fans. These indoor magnets will literally bring indoors the thrills and spills of the football grounds  by making sure that your customers never miss their favorite team’s matches. Every time someone sees these attractive magnets on the refrigerator doors, filing cabinets and more, they will be reminded of your message.

We have sports schedule magnets of all popular sports and clubs. Tell us your needs and we can help you choose an appropriate model that fall within your budget. Hurry; the sports season is right here!

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