Business Card Magnets –The Best Way To Make Your Brand Well Known

Magnetic business cards are fun; these stick to magnetic surfaces to make long lasting reminders for your brand. Unlike ordinary paper cards that get damaged or misplaced, magnetic business cards will remain right in plain view of your audience.

Your recipients can put these on their refrigerators at home or on work desks. Every time they see these full color magnetic cards, they will be reminded of your product or service. Its not all; anyone who happens to see these brilliantly colored custom magnets will be curious enough to know more about your brand and message- thus your message will reach a wider audience.

While conventional business cards remain concealed in wallets and drawers, magnetic business cards earn the undivided attention of everyone around. You can even place these on your car or anywhere else that they may stick to spread the message and reach out to a vast audience.

Attorney/Lawyer Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Business card magnets offer ample customization options. You can imprint your logo, tagline or even a call to action message. These are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You can have even shaped magnets that match with your business theme. Refrigerator magnets double up as a fridge décor item for your recipients; these make a handy spot to hold up their shopping lists and reminders as well.

Every time they open the fridge to fetch food and drinks, they will glance over your message. It is these repeat impressions that turn into loyalty and positive leads over a period of time. Magnets make collectibles as well. How many of us still have magnets that are many years old. These don’t lose its charm and won’t get damaged as well. So, anything imprinted on magnetic business cards will remain in plain view of your audience for a long time.

The best – while most marketing strategies require follow up action or renewal of subscriptions, business card magnets are one time investments. These make consistent impressions without having to put in any repeat effort or investment.

Business card magnets are here to stay! Do share your experience of using business card magnets in promotions.

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