Business Card Magnets Will Keep Your Logo Right In Front Of Your Recipients

Even in this era of smart phones and ipads, most people still like to rely on the good old business cards to keep their business contacts well organized! So, if you have been looking for the most budget friendly idea to get your message out, then look no further than these magnetic business cards. Imprint your logo and message on these custom magnets and leave a few in the fish bowl at your tradeshow booth or send it along with your mass mailers and newsletters. No matter how you wish to employ these business card magnets, you are rest assured that your contact details will always remain right in front of your recipients.2x3.5 Custom Bakery Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Business card magnets have always been a rage in promotional circuits. Here are a few hard to beat advantages of business car magnets that you might not even have noticed

  • Business card magnets will remain safe on the refrigerator doors or filing cabinets for a very long time.
  • Card magnets make it easy for your recipients to remember who you are
  • Handing out business cards is faster
  • Magnetic business cards can be incorporated with QR Codes or 3D printing features, which will make it easier for your recipients to enter all those raffle contests.
  • Keep your contact information right in front of your recipients and away from the clutter
  • Budget friendly and attractive, these business card magnets will readily impress your recipients.

Let not your business card lost in a heap of papers of your customers. Invest in these budget friendly business card magnets that will encourage your recipients to stick the magnet to their fridge, which will make your logo stand out. Not many people will throw away a colorful and attractive magnet unlike paper business cards.2x3.5 Custom Printed Beauty Salon Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Magnetic cards also double up as a handy hold up for children’s artwork, shopping lists and reminders. Let’s be frank about it. A family fridge will make a prime real estate for advertising. Here are a few smart tips to make your business card magnets really interesting to the eyes of the beholders.

Spicy slogan: Come up with a peppy slogan about your products or services that you can put on your business card magnet. On an average, people make several dozen trips to their fridge each day and every time they do so, your phone number and contact details will get imprinted in the minds of your customers. Next time when they need to avail a service or buy a product, they will know where to look.

Simplicity is the key: Keep your magnetic business card clutter free and simple with just the basic details that you need to share.

Make your card an artwork: Choose eyecatching colors and graphics to make your magnetic cards visually appealing. Think beyond plain themes and try to infuse a lively vibe by bringing in a few artistic elements.

Custom magnets direct can help you customize your magnetic cards the way you want at unbeatable prices. Browse our custom business card magnets and be always in sight!