How Logo Imprinted Magnets Can Be Used For Awareness Campaigns

Awareness campaigns go a long way in garnering publicity and engaging the public while promoting a cause that you have been working hard on. Awareness campaigns involve free handouts and publicity items. Logo magnets make one of the best choices to promote awareness campaigns as these are budget friendly, popular and long lasting. Magnets offer ample scope for customization and can carry all your messages and artwork in style.3.25x3 Custom Awareness Big Heart Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Magnets engage people with your cause
Unlike TV or radio ads that have only a very short shelf life and impact, custom magnets leave a lasting impression. These tangible gifts will draw your audience towards your cause and social message and make them part of the cause for a long time. The best thing is that every time they see these Logo magnets gazing at them from the filing cabinets or fridge doors, they will be reminded of the cause and will keep the event on top of their memory.

Custom magnets make an emotional connection
Personalized magnets will create an emotional connection with your audience and will make them motivated to be part of the cause and to make a difference. Imprint your message and logo to make it a personal and creative hand out for your recipients.12x18 Custom AIDS Awareness Day Outdoor and Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Magnets make excellent Conversation starters
When custom magnets get handed out during community events and awareness campaigns, these will spark interest among your recipients and will set off little chatter sessions. You can encourage your audience to interact to gain a deeper insight about the cause and to gain more support.

Magnets make great reminders
Long lasting and eye catching, custom magnets are hard to overlook! Imprint your message, logo and contact details on these handouts and every time they see these on their home, office or on their car bumpers, they will be reminded of your social cause without you having to put in any concerted effort or repeat investments.

Custom magnets can be effectively used to turn their opinions in your favor and to extend their support for the cause. One of the best awareness magnets are ribbon shaped magnets as these easily recognizable shapes and colors will make it easy for you to drive home your message. Free artwork assistance coupled with the shortest turn-around time and free shipping will all make your ordering process at custom magnets direct a breeze! So, what are you waiting for? No awareness campaign can be successful without public support and this can be made possible by increasing the awareness about your cause. Call us at Custom Magnets Direct right away for your orders or more information on awareness campaign magnets.