Promotional Heart Shaped Magnets Make Great Handouts For American Heart Month

Heart diseases make the top killer disease in the country. So, on the occasion of the American heart month in February, marketers can hand out custom heart shaped magnets during community events, health runs and events to create awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy heart.

These fun promotional magnets will encourage the recipients to lend an ear to these heart health factors unlike the boring health lectures and seminars, which most people many not be very keen to attend. That is what makes these custom heart shaped items important for any health-related campaign. No matter whether you plan to use these as fund raising items or as awareness campaign handouts, these logo magnets will never fail to impress your customers. These can be used to promote doctor’s clinics, fitness clubs and more.

Every time your recipients see these brightly colored and customized magnets on their refrigerator doors or filing cabinets, the message on these will surely grab the attention of your recipients and will make them reminded about the importance of maintaining a healthy heart.

Here are some heart shaped magnets that can be considered for your awareness campaigns.

3.25×3 Custom Awareness Big Heart Shape Magnets 20 Mil These full color awareness magnets make a great choice to get your word out on American heart month. These attractive magnets will grab the attention of your onlookers with its sheer size and for the same reason, people may retain it as souvenirs. Order in bulk from custom magnets direct for the lowest price benefits.3.25x3 Custom Awareness Big Heart Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Custom awareness heart punch magnets : These adorable picture frame heart punch magnets will make the American heart month message as special as their personal moments and snap shots encased in these photo frame magnets. These make perfect options to promote cardiac care centers, gym and other niche businesses.3.5x4.5 Custom Awareness Picture Frame Heart Punch Magnets 20 Mil

3×2.5 Custom Square with Heart Corner Shape Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil
Planning to sponsor a road rally on the occasion of the National heart month to spread awareness on this deadly disease or raise funds to improve the lives of people suffering from heart diseases? Hand out these outdoor car magnets and make your message portable. Every time people see the fleet of cars sporting these eye catching logo magnets, they will surely be reminded of the importance of the day and will encourage them to stay healthy.3x2.5 Custom Square with Heart Corner Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Small heart shaped magnets These cute promotional magnets can be gifted as regular business gifts, during mass promotional events or as a part of festive sales. These are perfect to spread awareness about heart month in schools, blood banks, cardiovascular surgeons and hospitals among others. It makes a perfect choice for indoor marketing and is a extremely affordable refrigerator magnet. Everyone will be attracted by these compact magnets that will surely leave a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.2x1.88 Custom Printed Small Heart Shape Magnets 20 Mil