Create You Own Professional Identity With Custom Business Card Magnets

Let’s be frank about it! Business cards make the best way to formally introduce your brand to your clients and customers. However, paper business cards get misplaced or damaged easily, thereby falling short of the whole purpose. This is where business card magnets come to the bigger picture. It can easily make your brand stand out all the while fitting easily into your clients’ wallets or on their fridge doors.

Remain on top of the mind of your customers with these magnetic business cards that will earn a strategic position on refrigerator doors, filing cabinets or heaters among others. Made of high quality magnetic stock materials, these business card magnets that are made in USA will make your message stick on the minds of your audience and next time when they need to find your contact details, all they need to do is take a glance at these full color magnets gracing the fridge doors.

On an average, people open their fridge doors around 18-20 times a day. In addition, fridge becomes the center of attraction during weekend parties and friendly banter sessions where everyone rushes to the refrigerators to grab a quick meal or snacks. So the business card magnets on these metallic surfaces will not just convey your message to your customers but also to their friends and guests who come to their house. A smartly customized magnet will make a great topic of discussion as well.

Custom business card magnets make an unconventional yet effective way of getting your message into the everyday lives of your audience without being intrusive. These logo magnets are highly useful for your recipients to hold up the shopping lists, must-do tasks and more. If your business card magnets are quirky or exceptionally beautiful, your recipients will love to take it to their workplace as well, which means your brand will be seen by a wider audience beyond the target audience.

Post cards with business cards will make a great addition to your New Year marketing mix. Personalize these with your message, greetings or artwork to engage your audience with your brand. Outdoor business card magnets are great for businesses with delivery services because every time your vehicles move around, your contact details and brand will be spotted by everyone on the road. The motorists trailing behind your vehicle will surely be tempted to take a closer look at your brand and message. Door hanger with business card magnets is a great way for hotels to send home their guests home with their brand.

10.5x5.5 Postcard w/ 3.5x2 Custom Business Card Magnets 25 Mil

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