Promotional Refrigerator Magnets- Magnetic Advertisements

Refrigerator magnets make a budget friendly yet effective marketing tool that will fit into any advertising strategy. An average family opens their fridge around 25 times a day (that’s over 9000 times a year). So, can there be a smarter and easier way to build strong and repetitive brand impressions than logo refrigerator magnets? Add your phone number, brand and message on to these full color magnets and earn a place in the high traffic areas of homes or offices. Your brand will get a lot of facetime from your audience and next time when they need your services or products, they know where to look for you.  While brochures and leaflets are thrown out and forgotten, custom fridge magnets get a higher retention and make a meaningful dialogue with your brand.

3x3.5 Custom Magnets 25 Mil Square Corners

Choose from a range of creative custom shapes

Promotional branded fridge magnets are available in a range of interesting shapes and sizes, which makes it easy for marketers to choose a model that matches their promotional theme or brand. Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions as they continue to work for your brand for years on end without any repeat effort or investment. These budget friendly custom magnets  that start from prices of just a few cents are well suited for mass promotional events like tradeshows or mailer campaigns. The interesting range of shapes of custom magnets will make it well suited for even the most specific promotional campaign for any industry.

Here are some tips to make custom refrigerator magnets more value added for your audience

Imprint emergency numbers, CPR tips or community events listing on these custom magnets to enhance the engagement of your brand with your audience. You can even imprint yearly calendars or sports schedules on refrigerator magnets to tempt your recipients to come back to your brand more often.

Fridge magnets serve as business cards as your customers will find it easy to find the contact details on a full color magnet that sits pretty in front of them rather than flipping through the yellow pages.

Custom refrigerator magnets serve as reminder of your brand and message because every time your clients see these logo items they will be reminded of your message and brand. For instance, all it takes is a well customized pizza shaped magnet to tell more about your pizzeria. It will scream about your message aloud than most brochures or newspaper ads.

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