Custom Fridge Magnets – Enjoy High Brand Visibility At Budget Rates

Custom refrigerator magnets enjoy a very high level of visibility, which means your message will get a lot of attention on these attractive custom gifts that will enhance the identity and visual appeal of the plain fridge doors. The strategic imprint space of these logo magnets will give you a free hand in positioning your brand and message in the most appropriate way. Highly useful, magnets will make handouts that will be appreciated and retained for a long time giving your brand the best possible coverage.

Fridge magnets are versatile

Fridge magnets are versatile handouts that are well suited to promote all types of brands and businesses especially for companies in the household goods industry.  Customize it with your brand and services to encourage them to use your services or to remind them of upcoming appointments like dental checkups or water filter services. A full color magnet shaped like a pizza will make a great handout to remind them of your takeaway services when   they are in a mood for a grub or have unexpected guests at home.

Refrigerator magnets are available in a wide range of choices including photoframe magnets that will act as a small photo frame for family photos. Save the date magnets  will make great handouts to remind grand openings and store promotions. It will serve as a reminder for the event and will continue to be tokens for your brand even after the function.

1.5x7 Custom Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

Logo magnets will get your message beyond the household kitchen

Refrigerator magnets are not just for household kitchens but can be used at employee lunch rooms, community centers and more. Refrigerator magnets can be stuck to any metallic surfaces including filing cabinets and billing machines among others. So, you can very well imagine the exposure your brand will get on these custom magnets. The best part is that anything imprinted on custom magnets not just reach your target audience but will get a lot of attention from everyone around.

Add a funny tagline, an artwork or something quirky to make sure that the magnets draw most eyeballs. A well customized refrigerator magnet will make a great talking topic as well. Magnets that are placed on the fridge are referred to often and cherished for years to come. When you use custom magnets as promotional items, you are at free will to put on your creative caps and come up with something really exciting.

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