The Less Explored Ways To Use Promotional Magnets For Business Promotions

Magnets are fun, customizable, long lasting and highly appealing, which make them premium real estate for your brand and message. Here are some unique ways to employ custom magnets as your promotional items. Magnets are offered in dime a dozen models, which make it easy for businesses to think of bespoke marketing strategies to build consistent brand awareness and ensure their message is front-and-center.

Business card magnets

A must to have for local businesses, custom business card magnets will spread the contact details and message among the audience. These budget friendly handouts will literally take your brand on to your recipient’s refrigerators and magnetic-surfaces, which means your prospects will have an easily accessible business card right in front of them. Unlike traditional paper business cards that have a greater chance to get misplaced and damaged, magnetic business cards are long lasting and well retained. Every time someone needs a plumbing contractor or a landscaping agent all they need to do is take a look at the fridge doors that relieves them of the task of rummaging through the wallets to find the contact details and trying to remember referrals and recommendations.

2x3.5 Custom Resort Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

The best part is that these full color business card magnets will make a great talking topic among everyone who sees it and not necessarily the primary recipients. Everytime someone sees your magnet they will call you first. Customize your business cards with your contact details, a short call-to-action message and tagline, which will make it a powerful branding tool.

Tip: Distribute these custom magnets during tradeshows or business events to spread your message far and wide.

Calendar magnets

Set up built-In reminders for a whole year with custom calendar magnets. These logo items are well suited especially for dentists, physicians, schools and in fact any business that offers ongoing services. Calendar magnets will offer a highly useful calendar for the recipients that will remind them of their next appointment with you. Costing just a few cents, custom calendars have one of the lowest costs per impressions because they continue to make priceless brand impressions without any repeat investment.

Custom calendar magnets enjoy strategic spots on the fridge, filing cabinets and other hotspots in office or home. Personalize these with your contact information, tagline or offers that will inspire the customers to get in touch with you. Calendar magnets make a subtle way to boost bookings and enhance your client base.

5.25x8 Custom Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Tip: Use it in your mailers or while giving appointments for customers.

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