Custom Business Card Magnets – Extensions Of Your Brand Identity

Everyone uses business cards to network and popularize their brand! Unfortunately, because business cards are so common, most people take it for granted or do not pay much attention to them anymore .  These get piled up or discarded, which in turn can seriously compromise their promotional potential.  To be effective, business cards should stand out and not get lost in the heaps of other business cards. The initial investment on magnets is not more than a card itself. However, magnetic business cards continue to make impressions for a very long time thereby ensuring a high return on investment.

Custom Business Card Magnets – Extensions Of Your Brand Identity

Business card magnets are offered in countless models and sizes, which make it easy for you to choose a model that matches your needs. Custom magnetic business cards continue to give back for a very long time and make your brand introduction really spectacular. Customize these custom magnets with your brand and message to inspire your recipients for a long time. A tagline, mascot, artwork-  think of creative ways to arrest the attention of your audience and tempt them to retain these magnets over their fridge doors. The more the exposure more will be your brand recall.2x3.5 Custom Restaurant Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Magnetic business cards make items of interest rather than a formal document of your brand introduction. So, if you are looking for a subtle brand introduction without any marketing overtones, look no further than custom business card magnets.

Here are some tips that should be considered while customizing business card magnets.

Colors and designs: Make sure that the magnetic business cards you choose has a clean, professional design that go well with your corporate image. Make sure that the business card carries just the essential information that your customers may require. Stuffing too much information can compromise the aesthetic appeal of the cards.

Shape: Custom shaped magnets being familiar will get easy acceptance while quirky shaped magnets definitely get noticed much more quickly. Choose a model that suits your brand image. No matter what you choose, it should be easy to carry around and distribute.

Fun element: Just like all the marketing collaterals, business cards are a reflection of your business. Make sure to have a bit of fun with them; add a coupon, a tag line or a quote to engage the users with your brand.

Quality: Ideally, magnetic business cards should look good for years and last long. Make sure to choose premium quality magnetic cards that can endure the daily grinds. Attractive full color magnetic business cards will make exciting fridge décor items and a highly engaging banter topic as well.

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