Business Card Magnets – The Best Way To Introduce Your Brand

Business card magnets will make your message stay in the minds of the customers and make them familiar with your brand. When your recipients are ready to buy, they know where to find your contact details. These sleek and pint sized cards occupy the prime real estate of fridge doors and filing cabinets thereby remaining in the eye-span of the audience for a long time.

These full color magnets will get a lot of face time and attention as they stand out from the collection of magnets that people may be having on their fridge doors. Customize it to add a fun twist to these cards by adding your brand, message or artwork. The best part is that an attractive business card magnet will get a lot of attention from not just your audience but anyone who sees it.

For mass promotions

Magnetic business cards are great items for mass events like mailer campaigns or tradeshows as people will remember your business after they go home and will get back to you when they need your products. You can enhance the value of business cards by adding a small calendar or a list of emergency numbers, which will drive up the value of these cards. Light weight and compact, these business cards are easy to stock and distribute as well. The low price feature of these custom magnets will make it a perfect choice for budget promotions and street corner marketing.

2x3.5 Custom Plumbing Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Put your brand where your customers are

Unlike paper business cards that remain stashed on tables or drawers, magnetic business cards that can be stuck on refrigerator doors work fine for pizzerias and restaurants. Metal filing cabinets in offices will make a perfect place for you to place magnets of repair services, office supply stores and more. As the magnets remain right in front of the audience, they will be reminded of your services consistently.

Make it stand out

Business card magnets can be made attractive by using attractive taglines, artwork and more. Make sure that your business cards stand out from the rest of the crop to grab the attention of your recipients. Environmentally aware businesses can use recycled paper glued to a magnet. Include a strong call to action message with your contact details and brand. A full color artwork will draw the attention of even the casual observers. Put on your creative caps to make it as unique as needed and your audience will surely be impressed.

Choices are limitless

Peel and Stick Business Card Magnets is a delightful choice to make your audience well engaged with your brand. Wish to add a retro twist to your business cards? Postcard with Business Card Magnets is a great way to make regular business announcements and conveying typical brand information.

We have industry specific business card magnets for many niches including restaurants, law firms, dental offices and more. Just choose a model and put your message to make it a high visibility business card that your customers will cherish for a long time. No matter what you choose, these business card magnets will go a long way in enhancing your brand recall and popularity. Try it to believe it!