How Magnetic Business Cards Can Build A Buzz For Your Brand- Must Read

Business card magnets are the smarter and more advanced version of the age old paper business cards. Now business cards have evolved to be a potent marketing tool and not just a means to share your contact details with your audience and that is what makes business card magnets the trusted choice of businesses.

Business card magnets are born crowd pleasers that will win a lot of appreciation from the well informed customers. Gone are the days when people used to accept anything for free as modern day customers will resist outright handouts that are of no use to them. Business card magnets are a true winner in this context because apart from being a handy reference tool, it doubles up as a fridge décor item, which will add a stroke of color to their homes or offices.

2x3.5 Custom Finance Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Custom magnets are highly influential promotional tools as business card magnets  put your brand on wide display and ensure a better brand recall. Probably the axiom “out of mind, out of sight” makes sense in the promotional world than anywhere else. Customers have a very short attention span as it is easy to get distracted where scores of brands jostle for space. To grab and retain the attention of the customers you need something that is a little bit special and that is where business card magnets come to the bigger picture.

Business card magnets are highly attractive and functional alike and people have started taking them seriously than ever. The best part is that they require a low investment and offers more value for the promotional dime of the marketers unlike paper business cards that get trashed or lost easily. Apart from being a handy reference of your brand, business card magnets drive up brand recall.

Even in the present digital world, business cards remain one of the marketing essentials that people hold on to dearly. Another good thing of business card magnets is the wonderful scope of customization options. Paper business cards are offered only in custom sizes and shapes whereas you can get business card magnets in practically any shape, size, finish and design to match your unique promotional needs.

More value for your money

Business card magnets offer a better value for your money and a higher retention than paper cards. Though they may cost a bit more, magnets make a long term investment and promotional items that are perceived to be of high value.


While paper cards get shoved into the inner compartments of wallets or cabinets- never to be seen again- business card magnets remain right in front of your customers on the fridge doors or filing cabinets. Obviously, the more visible your card is, the better will be the chances of it being picked up first. Imagine how many times your customers come to their fridge in a day- and that many times your brand gets noticed!


Business card magnets enjoy a high level of retention and will make your brand a household name quite literally by ensuring a high level of brand exposure whereas paper cards get trashed quickly and your customers might not be able to find your contact details whenever they need it.


Paper business cards just provide contact information about your business and nothing else. Magnetic business cards will do that plus they become a fridge décor and a handy hold up for your reminders and shopping lists.

No matter which business line you are in, business card magnets will be something that you will be proud to hand out to your customers. Add to it the big plus that business card magnets will bring you more business with minimal effort.

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