Custom Business Card Magnets for Budget Promotions

Small business owners, start-ups or budget marketers will all find business card magnets a great way to get their message across. It is one of the most successful techniques to market any business especially during mass events like tradeshows and business events.  Magnetic business cards will make a great reminder of your brand because unlike paper cards, these will never get misplaced or torn. Every time your recipients see these logo items on the fridge doors or filing cabinets they will be reminded of your brand and message.

3.5x2 Custom Business Card Magnets 20 Mil

Custom business card magnets are budget friendly yet attention grabbing. These full color magnets can be customized with your brand, message or infactwhatever you wish to convey to your audience.  Most brands lose repeat business when customers fail to trace the contact details of the stores. Business card magnets will always keep the communication channels open and bring them back to your stores without fail.

Business cards will cost just as much as paper cards but will make more brand impressions than its traditional counterparts. These will get attached to any magnetic surface, be it refrigerators at home or any similar surface in office and will keep your brand right in front of your key audience for a very long time. Magnets are rarely trashed as it will add a pop of color to the surfaces and will make a handy hold up for your recipients to keep their shopping lists and reminders.

Benefits Offered by Business Card Magnets

Small businesses may not have a big promotional budget or the infrastructure to build up an elaborate marketing strategy. This is where business card magnets come to the bigger picture. It can be send with business mailers, store purchase bills or as part of tradeshow swag. No matter how you wish to distribute these, magnetic business cards will go a long way in popularizing your message. An attractively customized business card will make a great talking topic among your recipients as well and your brand will enjoy word of mouth publicity.

Here Are Some Unbeatable Advantages of Business Card Magnets

  • Available in various popular models and shapes
  • Ideal for all types of businesses- small or large, regardless of their products and services.
  • Easy to distribute by hand or though mailers.
  • Business card magnets make a constant reminder of your business.
  • These custom magnets can be customized with graphics and designs as per your specific promotional needs.

Regardless of the business niche, every marketer needsbusiness cards to convey their brand message. When your recipients see these magnetic business cards regularly, they will develop a natural affinity towards your brand.  Whenever they want to purchase a product or avail a service, they will choose your brand over others.

Browse our exclusive section of business card magnets and choose a model that matches your needs.