Custom Business Card Magnets – Maximize Your Brand Exposure at Minimum Rates

Business cards that evoke a greater interest will leave a long lasting response among your audience. You can do it only by making them special. Every marketer needs business cards to market their products and services. It highlights the brand identity and provides the contact details to your customers. However not all business cards click; some simply fail to leave a lasting impression.

2x3.5 Custom Resort Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

So, what is that winning streak? Think of unique items like business card magnets. Available in a range of colors, shapes and styles, these make unique and attention grabbing business tools. They will stand out in the crowd; and evoke a better and quicker response from the targeted audience. These full color magnets made in USA will reflect your brand pride and personality with ease. Designed to last for a long time, these magnets will continue to engage your audience with your brand.

Why business card magnets

  • A card should stand out in the crowd and these vivid full color magnetic business cards will never be ignored.
  • Unlike paper cards, magnetic business cards offer a lot of customization options for marketers. Unplug your creativity to make them special and well noticed.
  • Imprint your tagline, artwork or message to buy easy attention of your audience. Keep it concise and readable; too much of information may leave the audience baffled.
  • Business card magnets have a lasting image and create a good impression among your clients.
  • Light weight and budget friendly, custom magnets can be effectively used in mailer campaigns and tradeshows.

Business card magnets are available in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses that will make it possible for both indoor and outdoor promotions. We even have various themes to choose from including religious business cards, dental business cards and hotel business cards among others. Just imprint your brand and tagline and you have a perfect business card magnet that complements your theme.

Well customized business card magnets also make an impressive refrigerator art as well. People will love to add a character and speck of color to their plain fridge doors or filing cabinets with these magnets. The best part they will have your contact details right in front of their eyes and they can even use it as a hold up for their reminders and shopping lists.

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