Drive Up Team Spirit And Raise Funds With Custom Car Magnets

Wish to raise funds and ensure better sports opportunities to your players? Custom sports car magnets will make a great choice to spread the word and drive up the team spirit. Car magnets will take your message far and wide and will boost up your fund raising campaigns.

Are you tired of fundraising items that fail to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience? Or worried about expensive fundraising items that are hard to sell?  You will simply love the experience of fundraising with imprinted car magnets. Low in cost, which means high in profits and incredibly popular, custom car magnets are something that your players and fans will want to have. Sell them; or place it at the ticket counters or admission booths at the venue and watch them sell off like hot cakes.

Increase Team Spirit with Sports Magnets

Sports magnets not just raise funds for your team but will enhance the team spirit of your players.  When the players, fans or coaches have these branded magnets on their cars, they will strike an instant connection with each other. They will connect as a single team and will identify other fans easily and make new friends who cheer for the same team. Car magnets make it easy for everyone to let the world know their favorite teams and identify with their team supporters more easily.

Custom sports car magnets are available in a range of themes and price rates. Choose an item that matches your team, get it customized with your team colors and mascots and you are all set to paint the town in your team colors. You can take advantage of wholesale discounts by ordering in bulk.

Here are some interesting models you can consider

Football Shape Magnets Great fund raising items for football clubs, sports leagues and schools, these shaped magnets will make your team the talk of the town during the sports season and even beyond. It can be customized with suitable information like your team motto or mascot, which will evoke the team pride among your recipients. Everyone will be keen to make these attractive custom magnets their own – no matter whether they are hardcore football fans or not. Just imagine the exposure your team may get in the process.

7x4 Custom Football Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Football Helmet Shape Magnets make great handouts to promote the game or business. These UV resistant car magnets will spread your team pride and will go a long way in raising funds for your team.  Your recipients will truly love this game day souvenir and retain them for a long time even after the event.

4.25x3.5 Custom Football Helmet Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Looking for custom car magnets at affordable price? Explore our collection and choose a model that matches your needs. Our products come with free shipping as well, which makes it further easy.  Our magnets are 100% customizable and manufactured in the U.S. with high quality stock material. Shop right away.