Get Ready for The New Trade Show Season with Custom Business Card Magnets

Tradeshow season is in its top gear. With a lot of tradeshow events on cards, it is a busy time for marketers to promote their brand in these massive business events. Make sure to take a fresh look at the business cards that you are planning to distribute at these high-profile tradeshows. If you have been just reordering stacks of paper business cards time and again without giving it any serious thought, it is a perfect time for you to upgrade this important networking tool. Why print a great new design on the paper cards when you can have magnetic business cards at pretty much the same rates?

2x3.5 Custom Resort Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Business card magnets make a superior option to introduce your brand and to stand out in the crowd. The best way to cut through the business clutter, these custom magnets will keep your message in full display for a very long time. The best part is that these will never get misplaced or trashed and your recipients will always be sure where to find your contact details every time they need to contact you!  Business card magnets will literally send home the audience with your brand!

Business card magnets are budget friendly, which allows you to distribute these attractive magnets to everyone who visits your booth. They will take home your message on these business cards and every time they open the fridge or check out the little reminders that they have stuck underneath these, your brand recall will increase. A well customized business card magnet will make a great talking topic as well, which will set off word of mouth publicity for your message.

Still on fence? Here are 3 compelling reasons that make Magnetic Business Cards superior.

Business Card Magnets are unique: Businesses have just under 2 seconds to impress the attendees visiting their booths. Often, they collect all the tradeshow swag that come their way without even paying attention to what they just dropped in their bag! However, business card magnets being unique will leave a statement easily among the audience. Unlike paper business cards, magnetic business cards won’t be torn or mangled and will make your brand important to the audience.

Long lasting:  After a tradeshow, attendees may have hundreds of business cards in their swag bag, most of which won’t survive once they are back to business as they may get trashed. However, these attractive full color business card magnets will surely make their way to the fridge magnets to get your contact information well displayed. With your business card always in view of your audience, you will stand a better chance to get their order.

Better value for money: Business card magnets are budget friendly and will offer more value for your money by keeping your message right in front of the audience. You may get paper cards for less, but they may fail to serve the purpose if they end up in a drawer never to see the light, or worse get trashed. To engage customers, your brand must stick around for a long time and that is what makes magnetic business cards better value products.

So, if you have not been using business card magnets, this tradeshow season will make a perfect time to give it a try!