Custom Refrigerator Magnets – The Best Way to Sneak in Your Brand to The Family Audience

Refrigerator magnets grab easy eyeballs and will keep your brand the banter topic among your audience. Budget friendly and hugely popular, these attractive full color magnets will bring in an identity to the fridge doors and often double up as a convenient hold up for the shopping lists or reminders of your customers. Every time they open the fridge doors, they will be engaged in a light-hearted dialogue with your message.

2x3.5 Custom Save the Date Wedding Magnets 20 Mil

Reach Out to A Massive Family Audience

Most promotional products of today including refrigerator magnets are home-based as they will ensure maximum exposure and earn a family audience. Fridge magnets are targeted towards kitchen – the place of any home which is frequented the most, which means that your message on these will get a full display. The kitchen happens to be the most common socializing area of a home where the whole family assemble to discuss the interesting happenings of the day while the family meal is being cooked. Refrigerator is an important home appliance which is used by every family member, many times a day, which makes it a high value real estate to promote your brand.

Limitless Choices

Fridge magnets are available in a wide range of models, which makes it a perfect choice for events of all types. Customize these with your brand, artwork or mascot to give it a personal touch and to earn the appreciation of your target audience. Versatile and gender neutral, magnets make a safe bet when you have a diverse audience comprising of people of different age groups or gender. When you are not sure of a perfect gift that will please your audience that is as diverse as chalk and cheese, put your dime on these custom magnets that never fail!

The most popular among refrigerator magnets include Business card magnets, save the date magnets, circle and oval magnets, picture frame magnets and calendar magnets among others. Choose an appropriate model, customize it with your brand and message and you are all set to have a hugely popular marketing tool that is hard to resist. Make sure that your message, contact details and call of action is clearly visible. Too much information might spoil the purpose and will leave the audience confused. Concise and crispy messages and small artworks or taglines are the best way to share your thoughts.

Have a distribution plan

It is important to consider a proper distribution plan for your custom magnets. If you are planning to use them as tradeshow swag, choose shaped magnets that complement your product line to ensure easy recognition. Choose light weight magnets that won’t add up to your postage charges while planning a mailer campaign. For sports themed events, sports schedule magnetswill make the best way to get your sports crazy audience to talk about your brand.

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