How Industries Can Use Custom Business Card Magnets For Brand Promotions

Custom business card  magnets may not ring the bells of a possible branding tool for most people. However, these underrated, yet powerful handouts will go a long way in boosting your brand visibility in high-profile, high-traffic zones.


Full color business card magnets will make sure that your customers never have to look far for your contact information.  No matter how you are planning to use custom magnets, you have a lot of creative customization options on offer. Add your logo, artwork or message  to enter into a fun dialogue with your audience.

Magnetic business cards  can be effectively used in multiple industries and occasions. Here are some industries that can utilize the branding potential of these logo magnets to its fullest.

Restaurant Delivery Services

 Put your contact details  right on the fridge doors of the gourmets to remind them of your menu or take out options. Your customers will have the latest menu, and take out options of their  favorite restaurant right in front of their eyes! They will even be excited to share it with their friends and extended family to ensure  the much desired word of mouth publicity for you.

Business Card Magnets 55 Mil Indoor Round Corners

 Real Estate Agents

 Announce the upcoming projects, reach out to the existing clients and make new leads with these sleek magnetic business cards. Put your brand name and advertisement displayed spot-on and you are bound to get some leads. Every time your recipients see your brand on their fridge doors, they will become familiar with your business and will surely reach out to you when they plan to buy a home.

Real Estate Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

House shaped refrigerator magnets or calendar magnets will also make a well recognized way to talk about your realtor deals. Customize it with your message and contact information an your recipients will have a great reference item on their fridge doors.

  1. Electrical and plumbing services

Everyone needs the services of a mechanic or an electrician at some point in their life. These business card magnets will make along lasting reminder for your business and to drive those  leads!

Printed Plumbing Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

  1. Coffee Shops/ bakery

Coffee shop merchandise is a rage among everyone. However for small cafes, large scale merchandising may not be a feasible option and that is what makes business card magnets a great handout to spread the word and invite the coffee lovers to give it a try. Customize  it with your logo and a nice quote and see how it makes a great way to start the  day of your audience.

Bakery Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Coffee enjoys a wide audience and anyone who sees these well customized magnets will be immediately drawn towards your brew and your call to action message. So, your logo will reach a wider audience without any repeat investment or effort.

Any industry  will find business card magnets great options to stay noticed and be popular! Have you ordered your business card magnets for the upcoming holiday season  events?

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