In Business Card Magnets You Have Just Found Your Best PR team

Business card magnets will easily be your new PR manager as you’ve just realized that custom magnets will last longer, can contain the same information as your business card and be its  same size. Ridiculously inexpensive and well retained, custom business card magnets will be kept and seen for ages to increase your business turnover.


Business card magnets are not just a substitute for your calling cards. It can be excellent mailer items, trade show swag and  handouts with every purchase at your stores. Apart from getting your contact message on to the fridge doors and filing cabinets of your prospects, these full color magnets ensure repeat business as your recipients will find it easy to reach out to you and will never misplace your phone number.

Place your company promotional message and logo on the magnet. To make it popular among the online audience, you can also include your facebook and social media details on the card. Fancy a fun twist? Promote a competition, an ongoing prize draw or add a discount code so that the clients will be inspired to come back to your stores more often. Marketers can get creative while using these sleek, full color magnets in their promotions. You can even make it an invitation for your upcoming product launches or special events.

No matter how you wish to ensure a makeover for your business card, your recipients will be excited to show these off on their fridge doors while turning it as a handy hold-up for their shopping lists and to-do lists. Thus your business cards will get the attention of not just your recipients but anyone who happens to see these. Refrigerators make premium real estate for your business as these gadgets occupy the high traffic zones in every home or office.

Include useful information like emergency phone numbers, CPR tips or a mini calendar on your business card magnets to enhance the retention and engagement of the users. More the utility, more will be the face time enjoyed by these factory direct custom magnets made in USA.

Businesses can also highlight their association with local events, clubs and social causes by imprinting these details. It will go a long way in enhancing the goodwill of your organization. Highly visible and incredibly cost effective, business card magnets make a powerful marketing tool that will ensure continued exposure and repeat business at one-off payment.

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