Promotional Business Card Magnets Will Ensure Your Brand A Facelift!

Business card magnets will make the face of your brand and complement your brand value. Most importantly it will make a fun way to sneak in your brand and message into the hands of your recipients. One of the most practical handouts to be considered, custom magnetic business cards have been holding up coupons, cooking recipes and shopping list on refrigerator doors and other visible metallic surfaces.

2x3.5 Custom Plumbing Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Often, long time clients fail to get back to their favorite stores in the event of losing their contact details. Business card magnets will make doubly sure that your details remain safe and secure right in front of the audience, thereby strengthening the bonds with your customer base.

Business card magnets pique interest and spark conversation among anyone who sees it. These are long lasting and well retained than its old world counterparts of paper cards. Business card magnets will keep your message fresh in the eyespan of your target audience unlike the business cards that get creased and torn over a period of time. Thus magnetic business cards leave the very first impression in the minds of the audience and highlight your fashion forward brand profile as well.  Magnetic business cards attract more attention thanks to its full color profile and a wide variety of shapes and models on offer. These logo magnets will make sure that your business information is seen by your customers on a daily basis and easily referenced at a later time.

Easy to customize

Customize these with your mascot, artwork or message to make it a walking talking billboard for your brand. You can imprint your mascot, artwork, funny tagline or infact anything that you wish to convey to your audience. We bet, anything imprinted on business card magnets will evoke a lot of curiosity among the recipients.


Business card magnets are designed to stand up against rough handling and exposure to dampness etc. Business card magnets are well suited for both large and small organizations and make a high value marketing tool that will never cease working for your brand.

Budget friendly

The best part is that these custom magnets won’t cost you more than paper cards, which means you stay on trend at the same rates that you might be spending on those old fashioned paper cards!  The low cost advantage will make it a great choice for mass promotional events like mailer campaigns, tradeshows and store promotional events.

No matter whether you are a large corporation or small or medium enterprise, business card magnets will make a great marketing tool for sure. Do share your experiences of using business card magnets as your marketing ingredient in our facebook page and join and interesting conversation.

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