Custom Magnets- Get Your Promotional Message Stick To Your Recipients Minds

Custom magnets not just stick to the metal surfaces but also will make your message stick to the minds of your target audience. These pint sized promotional magnets hold incredible branding potential in keeping your message left right and center amidst your audience. Promotional magnets serve every purpose of a complete marketing tool.

2x3.5 Promotional Business Card Round Corner Magnets 25 Mil

Promotional magnets are underrated business boosters that serve every purpose of other marketing tools including keeping your message in plain view of your recipients and enhance your brand popularity. Magnets are available in a range of models including car magnets, calendar magnets, sports schedule magnets, business card magnets and more.  These full color custom magnets that are made in USA are easy to customize with brand and message to make them unique handouts.

Car Magnets

Your marketing messages imprinted on custom car magnets will never fail to reach your target audience unlike most other conventional marketing materials unlike flyers and brochures that may or may not reach the hands of your audience. Just stick these full color magnets on your business vehicles or delivery vehicles and as you drive around the city catering to your sales and service calls, your brand on these will get a lot of attention.  Make sure to stick these magnets on a visible part of your ride to make your brand well spotted wherever you go even as your car is parked. The best part is that even heavy traffic will help you have more leads as your car magnets will be seen by more motorists for a longer time in a slow moving traffic.


  • Make sure that the magnet that you choose is large enough and easily visible even when your car is moving.
  • Your brand and message should be imprinted in readable fonts and designs that are easy to comprehend for your audience while on the move.
  • Choose contrast colored magnets to make your message stand out and grab easy attention
  • Ensure that the magnets stand out against the car color to make it easily spotted

Business Card Magnets

Business cards are the first point of contact between any business and its customers. They hold incredible marketing potential as these can be effectively employed in mass promotions like mailer campaigns and tradeshows. Cost effective and handy, custom business card magnets can easily be stashed by your potential clients in their wallets or stuck on fridge doors. These magnets are rarely ever taken off hence the chances of your cards getting misplaced is nil. The best part is that your brand will gaze down at your recipients every time they grab something from his fridge.

Need more? Explore our collection of custom magnets and choose a model that suits your needs and budget.

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