A few benefits of Promotional Calendar Magnets

If you thought calendars have been shoved to the icebox with the advent of computers and smart phones that display the date, time and day on the screen, you could be slightly off the track! The popularity of calendars as promotional gifts to promote business and to make a buzz about their services and activities has only surged with time.

Most people still like to have a calendar magnet on their work desk or on their fridge doors. Businesses find promotional magnets cost effective means to keep their brand right in front of their customers for a full year. These stick around until the end of the year or even more as some people won’t mind retaining them as souvenirs for their pretty design or fabulous design!

3.37x4.25 Custom Square Corner School Calendar Magnets 20 mil

  • Calendars enjoy universal appeal
    Calendar magnets can be used in virtually any ferrous surface you can think of. Be it on the refrigerator door, the filing cabinets, vending machines, oven or washing machine, these trendy magnets enjoy a red carpet welcome in offices, homes, clubs and stores. Every time people look up these calendars, your brand logo gets instant attention and your business gets popular.
  • Calendar magnets are attractive
    Calendar magnets ensure ample scope of personalization. Imprint your logo, text message, slogans, artwork or anything that you think can engage your customers on the generous imprint area of these high quality magnets. Calendar designs make smart ways to express your business through art and design.

Customized 4.25x3.5 Custom House Shaped Calendar Magnet 20 mil

  • Calendar magnets are budget friendly
    Calendars are cost effective and will fit the bills of even marketers with a constrained budget. Bulk purchase of these promotional magnets carries attractive cash savings and discounts too, which make promotional magnets ideal for mass events and mailer campaigns.
  • Calendars offer ample choices
    Calendar magnets are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and thickness that shopping for your favorite model is always simple. If you are eyeing outdoor promotions, you can seek UV friendly outdoor car magnets that are popular choices for political campaigns, school promotions and awareness campaigns. If mailer campaign is your promotional method, choose magnets that are of thickness 20 or 25ML as these light weight and sleek magnets can be easily slipped into envelopes along with your mails.
  • Anyone would love calendar magnets as gifts
    Calendar magnets make thoughtful gifts with a personal touch. These can make potent promotional handouts and thoughtful personal gifts and party favors for friends, family or employees.
  • Promotional calendar magnets ensure year long promotion
    Calendar magnets are used all year long and these are looked at daily! Every time your clients uses these printed magnet calendars, they are reminded of your company on a day to day basis.
  • Calendar magnets are functional
    People use calendars on a daily basis for a variety of uses like scheduling and keeping appointments. From doctors’ visits and birthday parties to barbecue parties – everything will find a place on calendars. Not many people can resist these functional calendar magnets that keep their lives simple and well organized.