Attract more voters to your campaigns with political magnets

Your election campaign is all set to hit a frenzied pitch in the coming days. Candidates leave nothing to chance to reach out to their voters as the high pitched campaign message is being beamed into millions of homes through social, mobile, online video and TV. However, if you still feel that a personal touch is lacking in your election campaign, it is time for you to take a look at the simple, popular and wide reaching promotional logo imprinted political magnets. Afterall, not all your voters need be a digital geek!

2.75x3 inch Flag Shaped Political Campaign Full Color Magnets 20 mil

It is proven that recipients often remember companies that are generous enough to gift them beautiful and practical promotional gifts like calendar magnets. Custom calendar magnets also double up as a personal recommendation. When a customer displays these on their filing cabinets or fridge doors, it conveys the message that your party is being endorsed by them and this publicity may attract undecided voters who might still be looking for a valid reason to vote for a specific party!

Political magnets can easily attract voters of all age groups and genres by making the name of the candidate and logo household names. Light weight and sleek, campaign and election magnets make cost effective direct mailer items that never fail to attract the attention of your voters.

Outdoor election car magnets that can be stuck on car bumpers will make your logo and political message popular on the move. Everytime the fleet of cars of your supporters and party workers set out on a road campaign trail, your logo and political slogan will reach scores of curious eyes.

Custom 2.31x3.37 Hand Shaped Political Campaign Full Color Magnets-20 mil

Political campaign magnets make screaming billboards on refrigerator doors, filing cabinets and any other prominent places of your voters’ homes and work places too. Fridge magnets make a highly potent tool to drive home your political message as these magnets are seen over 20,000 times during an election year! Supporters will be proud to display your magnet on their refrigerator. Imagine the positive influence these logo magnets create when the voters see their candidate’s name and logo holding up the family artwork every time they open the fridge door!

Direct mailers

Direct mail campaigns are great options to turn on the vote bank. People will love to get mails in their mail box and the best part is that mails reach everyone irrespective of whether someone has net connectivity or not! Postage doesn’t come cheap and these postcard magnets will ensure that your candidates grab the most of voter’s attention right up to the election day, from over the surfaces of their fridge doors or filing cabinets.

Political magnets are favored for their unique designs and personal touch that will make them stand out from the countless paper flyers or election brochures that your voters get every day. Make sure that your election message is well seen all through by getting these magnets on their refrigerator door with these magnet postcards.