Show the world your style with personalized Wedding magnets

A great wedding idea alone need not ensure a great wedding spectacle as it involves proper planning and scheduling. If you are choosing the popular holiday season or festive season to walk up the aisle hand in hand with your partner, it is better to send out save the date magnets well in advance. Hotels rooms will get booked quickly, flight tickets will be hard to find and making a trip will be easier said than done without preparations.

Let your guests plan their trip to your wedding well in advance with these save the date magnets that sit pretty of their refrigerator doors. Every time they see these wedding magnets they will remember your big day and will make sure to finalize their travel plans at their earliest.

3.5x5.5 inch Large Wedding Save the Date Square Corner Magnet 20 mil

Here are some of the popular wedding magnets that can be considered to make your wedding planning a lot easier.

Large wedding magnets: 3.5×5.5 Custom Large Wedding Magnets 20 Mil ensures a larger than life profile for your wedding celebration. Buy the attention of your loved ones and friends with these large and impressive magnets that will stir up their interest and affirmation in no time. Your guests will indeed save these magnets for posterity as souvenirs of this special day and as tokens of love for the new couple. If you wish your wedding to turn out something different from the ordinary, these large magnets could well be the ultimate choice. Imprint your logo, message or snapshot on these magnets and see how your wedding date becomes the talk of the town!

3.5x5 5inch coffecup Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil

Coffee cup Save the Date Magnets: 3.5×5.5 Custom Coffee cup Save the Date Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners makes an unusual yet delightful choice to announce your wedding. This makes an excellent pre-invitation that your guests will love to retain over their fridge doors due to its unique shape. So are you ready to break the news of your wedding to your guests over a cup of coffee with these fabulous personalized magnets?

Heart-Shaped Wedding Save the Date Magnets: Heart-Shaped Wedding Save the Date Magnets make perfect options to announce Valentine Day weddings, theme weddings or even traditional weddings. Heart is the most recognized symbol of love and you cannot come up with a better idea than a heart shaped magnet to announce your wedding! By sending out these attractive save the date magnets, the couple can remind the guests subtly to keep the date safe and to make necessary arrangements to ensure their presence and blessings.

Photo Booth Wedding Save the Date Magnets: Photo Booth Wedding Save the Date Magnets will unveil your love story before the eyes of your guests to ensure an awe inspiring experience. These magnets unfold the saga of love and courtship like a romantic shadow play to make your wedding invitation a cut above the rest. Unlike other wedding invitations, these customized photo booth save the date magnets stand out for their personal touch and romantic appeal. People will simply be smitten by their beauty and will love to retain them with pride.

All the above save the date magnets can be used for weddings of all themes and types. Be it a traditional church wedding or a lively beach or garden wedding, these printed magnets will add oodles of romance to an otherwise formal invitation!