How Restaurant magnets can make your hotel business thrive the competition?

Did you know that 60% to 90% of new restaurants fail in their very first year? Diners often cut back on dining out to save money and the operational costs of keeping an eatery has gone up manifold over the years. However, scores of restaurants open every year and go on to make business. So, what could be the winning formula that applies in these success stories? The quality of food and service are important alright but these are not the only factors that make a restaurant or a bistro popular. There is more to running an eatery than serving a tasty menu.

3.5x4 inch Square Corner Asian Restaurant Magnets

Attracting new diners and keeping them in their fold is what makes any restaurant ticking. Effective and budget friendly promotional products, freebies and discount deals can all make the trick.

Direct mail campaign : Kick start your promotion with a direct mail campaign using magnetic postcards or magnetic business cards to reach out to the local community. Imprint your logo, location, contact number, drink specials and specialty dishes. Unlike paper business cards, magnetic cards last long and enjoy a long shelf life on the refrigerator doors and other metal surfaces of your prospective diners homes and office spaces.

Discount coupons: Magnetic coupons can be customized with free offers, customer reviews, referral incentives and any such information that will make your customers sit back and take note of your restaurant. It will be a good idea to make a quick research in your locality to know about the type of coupons that are likely to attract more business. Is it budget package deals for college students on a tight budget, group meal deals for families, or something more! Knowing a bit about the personal preference of the local community will help you to target your coupons in advance and create more interest among the users.

Custom 2.87x2 Delivery Plate Silverware Shape American Restaurant Magnet 20 Mil

Once you gain the attention of the people, it is only a matter of time before they decide to step into your restaurant to sample their favorite dishes. Lip smacking food, good ambience and superior service make the three vital factors to make the first time customers stick. Once they are happy with all these, they will start referring your eatery among their friends circle and family during the banter sessions and weekend parties and you are all set to get a steady stream of customers without much effort.

Promotional magnets handouts will go a long way in driving up your establishment’s brand and will remind people about your restaurant, next time they are hungry. Visit for the best promotional magnets for restaurants and make sure that your brand remains the trusted choice of your diners at all times.