Calendar Magnets Make Effective Promotional Items- Know Why?

Calendar magnets make effective promotional items for New Year promotions. Apart from being a handy annual calendar, these logo magnets will display your message from countless fridge doors and filing cabinets of your recipients.

3x4 Custom Mini Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Still thinking? Here are some features of custom calendar magnets that make it an undisputed choice among marketers.

Functional: Calendar magnets are highly functional; everyone needs calendars to plan their schedules and stay organized.

Great value for money: Calendar magnets make great investments as magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions and will continue to enhance brand visibility for a long time without any repeat investment or effort.

Space savers: Traditional paper calendars need large space for display while calendar magnets need only a small space as it can be attached to the fridge doors or filing cabinets at homes, schools or offices.

Easy to distribute: Light weight and compact, these custom magnets are easy to store and distribute, which makes it a great choice for mailer campaigns and tradeshows.

Popular: In a survey conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 79% of respondents said that they like to receive calendar magnets as a promotional gift.

High visibility: Your brand and message on these custom items will remain in front of your customers all round the year. Every time your recipients check holidays, schedules and events, they will be reminded of your brand. Regular exposure is what drives up brand recall and not many promotional items can match the potential of these logo items that will put your message in front and center for a very long time. An average person opens their fridge more than 15 times a day, which means that your custom magnets will get viewed 5500 times in a year or even more.

Budget friendly: Calendar magnets are very cost effective, which means that even marketers on a budget can easily employ these custom gifts to get their message out.

Calendar magnets have many applications too!

  • As store promotional items: Calendar magnets can be used to attract new customers and to get your message across easily
  • Fund raisers: The low cost advantage of calendar magnets makes it a popular fund raising item for non- profit organizations, schools and in fact any organization that wants to thank its sponsors.
  • Choices galore: Customers have a lot of design options to choose from in calendar magnets, which makes it easy to choose a model that matches their promotional theme.

Now that you are planning to use calendar magnets in your promotions, all you need to do is browse through our template designs or upload your own design to get started. New Year is only a few weeks away!