Custom Calendar Magnets- The Built-In Brand Reminders

How many times do you refer a calendar in a day? Countless times probably; whether it is to know the date and day, upcoming holidays and events or simply out of habit! Simply put calendars get a lot of attention (unwanted too)

4x3.5 Custom House Shaped Calendar Magnets

You can have calendar magnets printed with your brand and message.  Want to stand out a little more? Use a feature that might get used again like for instance a kitchen conversion unit or CPR tips. If the calendar magnets are interesting and informative they will get used more often, which means you get more impressions for your logo magnet. Adding a nice quote to the calendars will tone down the branding pitch all the while remaining right in plain view of the audience.

Calendar magnets can be handed out as gift bag items or as individual handouts during New Year promotions, tradeshows and employee events.

So now you’ve got ideas for possible formats for your calendar magnets you can make yours the best in town.

Here are a few more customization tips

Offer a list of special sales items.

Got some inventory you wish to move? Offer a list of special sale items on these calendars. This will give your customers a special deal and let you free up some space.

Referral discounts

Imprint a discount for referring their friends and give your existing customers a benefit. It will give them a tempting reason to take a peek at the calendars more often and you get benefitted.

Calendar magnets make great handouts for every type of businesses especially those that provide routine, ongoing services – think mechanics, exterminators, dentists and more. Calendars while reminding your customers of their schedules and appointments throughout the year will also keep your brand right in their plain view.

Magnetic calendars always occupy the high traffic zones in homes and offices. Be it on the fridge, filing cabinets or magnet door, calendar magnets will get a lot of attention from not just your recipients but everyone around. Customized magnetic calendars stand out and will make your customers engaged with your brand in a fun way.

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