Think Pink and Spread Awareness on Breast Cancer With Ribbon Magnets

Breast cancer is the second leading causes of death in the USA after lung cancer. Since 1985, October is observed as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is symbolized through pink colored ribbons. Ribbons of all colors make colors of hope, empathy and appreciation. October is National breast cancer awareness month and the “Pink Ribbon Day” that falls on the fourth Monday will make a perfect day for fundraising, health runs, awareness drives and support for breast cancer research.

Pink is the approved color for breast cancer awareness and by employing these awareness magnets marketers can promote the cause and their brand alike. Healthcare providers, hospitals and agencies can participate in this novel cause by sending reminders, themed pink gifts and conducting contests and health runs among others.

Here are some creative ways to create awareness about this deadly disease.

Health runs
Mass run events are great ways to grab the attention of people and to spread awareness about this disease. Hand out pink ribbon magnets, bra shaped magnets or ribbon shaped car magnets to spread message and tocreate awareness.3.8x8 Custom Awareness Ribbon Magnets 20 Mil

Magnets for the OccasionAwareness Magna Phrase with Business Card Magnets , Pink Awareness shoe Magnets and Awareness Business Card Magnets.

Free Health Check Up
Early detection can cut down fatalities of cancer. Business owners can spread awareness on the importance of health check-ups by organizing free health check up camps. Spread the message through ribbon shaped mailer magnets and you can even consider giving gifts like pink logo imprinted T shirts or umbrellas for those who have undergone the test.3.5x2 Custom Printed Awareness Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Magnets for the OccasionAwareness Business Card Magnet and Pink Ribbon Awareness indoor magnets.

Fund raising events
A fund raising event is the best way to raise funds for cancer research centers and non-profit organizations3.5x2 Custom 3 Piece Puzzle Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Magnets for the Occasion – Awareness Ribbon Shape Outdoor Magnets, 3- Piece Puzzle Shape Full Color Magnet, Awareness Magna Phrase Magnet, etc.

Celebrating a Pink Day in the Office
Inspire your employees to wear pink for the day and organize contests and events to raise awareness about the theme.4x4.625 Personalized Awareness Teddy Bear Shaped Indoor Magnets 30 Mil

Magnets for the Occasion Teddy bear shaped awareness magnets, Awareness Magna Phrase Magnet, etc.

Complimentary gifts
Hand out ribbon magnets imprinted with cancer awareness message will make perfect complimentary gifts with store purchases. Every time your customers see these logo magnets on refrigerators, they will be reminded of not just your brand but your social commitment as well. These will also make perfect hand outs during tradeshows and mailer campaigns among others.

Magnets for the Occasion – Awareness Business Card Magnets, Awareness Fluorescent Light bulb Shape Magnet, etc.

October is the time for you to think pink.We at Custom Magnets Direct have stocked up the best and the latest trending magnets that will get the word farther and faster.

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