Custom Refrigerator Magnets- Much More Than Just A Billboard!

Custom refrigerator magnets make surprisingly effective handouts to generate revenue and customer loyalty. These are fast, effective and easy. With every order, you can send the customer a free customized fridge magnet.

Van Shape Magnets 20 Mil

Magnets can go anywhere. Your customers put them on fridge doors, windows, filing cabinets and dozens of other magnetic surfaces where other people see- every single day!

Now for the best part- marketing using fridge magnets do not require an expensive PR exercise, marketing videos or marketing consultants

Just a few magnets distributed with every order, at the billing counter or tradeshows. These little, full color magnets will go a long way in cutting through the marketing clutter and gaining the attention and loyalty of the customers.

You can easily connect your brand with tangible experiences — magnets make a part of that. These will set off ridiculously cheap word-of-mouth marketing and more sales as well.

The recipients will be excited to show the world what they got, and proudly place their magnets anywhere they can. Fridge magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions. Costing just a few cents, these magnets will continue to amass impressions for a long time thereby ensuring assured ROI

You can choose from refrigerator magnets in different shapes and sizes. Pick up a model that says it all about your business. If, for instance, you have the best pizzas in town, get the word out with these custom pizza shaped fridge magnets. Your recipients will never fail to find the way back to your shop every time they crave for a crunchy bite.

Customize it with call-to-action or contact details – other times just a logo will do the job. Your recipients will have a ready reference of your brand while have a handy place to hold their photos, menus, coupons or other important information. Win- win!

How to distribute

With newsletters: You can send a free custom magnet for everyone who sign-up for our newsletter. It is a great way to create the best first connection with your prospects and a subtle way to collect their contact details for future promotions.

Fund raising items:  Refrigerator magnets make one of the most popular fund raising items. You have several magnets that your customers will love.

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