How 2020 Magnetic Calendars Can Jump Start your New Year Promotions

Magnetic calendars offer you the best launching pad to jumpstart your New Year promotions. 2020 Magnetic calendars will give a yearly calendar for your recipients and make sure that your recipients have your company details right in their plain sight. Promotional magnetic calendars make an effective marketing tool that ensures brand visibility on a daily basis. Every time your prospects use calendars to schedule their events or check upcoming holidays, your brand will leave a lasting impression in their minds.

Calendar magnets are highly useful items that everyone needs for their home, office or even on the move. Interestingly even in this robotic age where people use smart planners and calendars on their devices, people find printed calendars highly useful. Simple, easy to use   and always in plain view, calendars often double up as notepads for users as they will find the white space handy to make quick notes and reminders to manage their time.

4x7 Custom Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Promotional calendars are both useful to your customers and effective in enhancing your brand popularity. People often glance at the calendar several times a day, and every time they do so, their engagement with your brand goes up. 2020 magnetic calendars ensure 366 days (being a leap year) of brand exposure for you and stretch your marketing dollars across a whole year without any repeat investment or effort. Well, not many custom gifts can match custom calendar magnets in this aspect.

Magnetic calendars make great holiday gifts, door to door campaign gifts or can even be dropped off at places of business, given away at tradeshows or local festivals. Being light weight and handy, these make great mailer items as well and fare well as fund raising items for non profits and booster clubs as well. No matter how you wish to use promotional calendars, your brand will remain front and center in people’s minds as these highlight your generosity and brand goodwill.

Promotional calendars add a fun factor to your marketing. Imprint inspirational quotes, puzzles or quizzes on these magnets to inspire your recipients to come back to these magnets more often.  Imprinting emergency numbers, kitchen conversions units or CPR tips are some of the other measures to enhance the popularity of these logo magnets.

3.5x9 Custom House Shaped Real Estate Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Offered in a wide range of shapes and sizes, you can choose a model that matches your product or services to get across your message emphatically without having to rely on tons of text. For instance realtors can choose a house shaped calendar magnet  to highlight your brand and message. The well recognized shape of these magnets will earn easy attention from anyone who plans to buy or sell a house. These make great handouts during property expos or home tradeshows among others

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