Top Tips To Exploit The Promotional Potential Of Custom Calendar Magnets.

Every year offers a brand new opportunity to enhance your marketing potential with custom magnetic calendars.  These full color magnets Made in USA, are available in a range of attractive shapes and sizes and will keep your brand name in front of your clients for a whole year and even beyond in some cases.

3.5x4 Custom Announcement Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Everyone needs calendar magnets and the incredible versatility of these logo items make great handouts for real estate agents, insurance companies, sports clubs, super markets and more. Your brand and message imprinted on these will get the undivided attention of people around and will remain in plain view of the audience.

Unlike conventional advertisements like news paper ads that stay for just a few moments, calendar magnets will remain on the fridge or filing cabinet to become a constant reference, thereby ensuring more value for your promotional investment. Even in this digital age, calendars still enjoy an incredible popularity among most of us. People will find it easy to plan their schedules and holidays when they have a handy calendar in front of them. These custom calendar magnets will make it easy and interesting to plan the events for a whole year. The best part is that your recipients can carry these compact calendars wherever they go and stick it right in front of them.

Make the most of the promotional power of custom magnets with these tips

  1. Be creative: Come up with colorful and creative artwork or message to make it pop. Full color imprint is the trump card of these custom magnets.
  2. Ensure readability: Make sure that the fonts are not too small to make it readable from a normal distance.
  3. Keep it simple. Don’t try to stuff too much information into the small space. Keep it minimalist with just the essential information like name, logo and contact details.
  4. Enhance relevance: By adding an event calendar or CPR tips, you can enhance the relevance of these logo items for your recipients.
  5. Be lavish on distribution: The budget friendly attributes of these logo items will make it possible for marketers to handout calendar magnets to as many potential clients as possible. It makes a sensible investment as it will get your message across to a wider audience than most conventional advertisements can.
  6. Make your brand Stand out. Let your creative juices flow to make custom calendar magnets visually appealing to drive your marketing dollar further. First impression is indeed the best. An interesting design will inspire your prospects to know more about your brand and message and get involved with your brand.

Get started with our extensive collection of custom calendar magnets and choose a model that suits you the best. Should you need further tips or assistance, feel free to contact us.