Custom Refrigerator Magnets- Reinforce Your Marketing Strategies

Magnets have been around for ages as fun toys and class room educational tools. However custom magnets evolved to be high visibility marketing tools only in the last decade or so when businesses discovered the branding potential.  Magnets ensure increased brand visibility and brand recognition at a fraction of cost of traditional marketing methods like news paper advertisements.

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Here are some of the stand-out advantages of refrigerator magnets that make them trusted choices among marketers.


Every household has one or more refrigerators these days in addition to other stainless steel appliances like oven or dish washer, which will all make a perfect place for placing fridge magnets. Random reports show that a staggering 80 per cent of households use fridge magnets to add a pop of color to their fridge doors and to use it as a handy hold up for reminders and shopping lists. It shows marketers that their fridge magnet will be retained and used for a long time as they never outlive their usefulness. Your brand and message imprinted on these promotional magnets will always be on full display thereby making it familiar among family audiences.


An average user opens the refrigerator door at least 12 times a day or more. By having a custom magnet on that fridge, you are rest assured of multiple brand impressions for each member of the household on a daily basis. The best part is that magnets sneak in your brand and message in a subtle manner without being intrusive. Having your contact information on the magnet makes it easy for the recipients to reach out to you when they need your service without having to ransack the web or the yellow pages to find the number. Custom fridge magnets thus keep your brand and message right at the finger tips of your audience for a considerably long period.  Add to it the bonus that a well customized refrigerator magnet will grab easy attention of anyone who sees it and will make an interesting talking topic among people as well.


Fridge magnets have one of the lowest costs per impression and may cost you just as much as your conventional paper business cards. While conventional marketing like TV ad or print involve renewal charges to keep it running for your audience, custom magnets involve only one time payment. The bets part is that  your branding information remains right in plain view of your audience,  which translates to incredible staying power.

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