Why Consider Custom Magnetic Calendars As Promotional Tools- Ask the experts

Calendar magnets will keep your company details at the fingertips of your prospects for a whole year. Not many custom handouts can match the retention of magnetic calendars. Your brand and message imprinted on these will be seen every day for 365 days as your recipients use calendars on a daily basis to make schedules and  plan for the year ahead .

Provide your customers with a useful tool while giving them a daily reminder of your business! In this robotic age, when most people use electronic calendars, these full color magnetic calendars will make a well cherished tangible gift for your audience.


Promotional calendar magnets are very useful to your customers. These are not damaged like paper calendars plus these are handy and easy to shift from one place to another. People often glance at the calendar several times a day; so imagine the exposure your brand imprinted on these will get. Budget friendly handouts like magnetic calendars will stretch your promotional dollars over a whole year, thereby ensuring more value for your money.

Magnetic Refrigerator Indoor Square Corner Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

The bonus- a well customized calendar magnet will end up as collectible or fridge décor item even after the year goes by! – Thus your brand will get an extended lease of promotion.

Easy to distribute

Calendar magnets are compact and easy to distribute . Whether you wish to distribute these door-to-door, drop off at places of business or use as tradeshow swag or mailer gifts, promotional calendars will never fail to meet your promotional expectations. These make great fund raising items for non profits as well. Calendar magnets will put your logo front and center in people’s minds thereby increasing the brand recall.

Budget friendly

Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions. These full color, factory direct magnets that can be printed with stock photos, message or call to action make a premium real estate for your brand. You can even imprint these magnets with CPR tips, kitchen conversion units or house hints to make it more useful for your audience and bring them back more often!

 Easy to stick and take off, calendar magnets make lives easy. These make great refrigerator art or a handy pin-up for those little reminders and shopping lists. Every time they check out the dates on the magnet, open the fridge door or examine the daily reminders, their gaze will eventually fall on your brand. Magnets thus ensure a subtle brand promotion without being intrusive.

Choose from a range of magnet calendars including refrigerator calendar magnet, car magnets school schedule magnets and a lot more. Tell us your needs and we can help you find a calendar magnets that meets it!