How Custom Real estate Magnets Make A Difference To Your Brand Visibility

Promotional handouts  like magnets can  lead  to a big sale spin  and ensure business opportunities  that you  never knew existed.  Placing promotional gifts into the hands of your potential customers is one of the most effective ways to leave your business name on top of the minds of your audience.

If you ask, do they really work?  The answer is yes.  For instance, realtors can build local leads and networks by handing out well retained handouts like house shaped magnets. The prospects will put these full color magnets on their fridge doors or filing cabinets for its functionality.

Logo Sprinter Van Shaped Magnets

Apart from adding a pop of color to the spaces these will make a safe place for them to latch up their reminders and shopping lists. Your recipients may not have any idea to buy or sell a home at that point of time. But your business name will get imprinted on their mind so strong that the first name that comes instinctively to their mind would  be that of yours.

The information on these attractive magnets will remain intact for a long time and  your recipients can contact you easily whenever the idea of owning a home pops up in their mind. Your investment thus pays off in a big way -though after a time span. It is not all- custom magnets get the attention of not just the primary recipients but anyone who sees it. So you can get more sales from these promotional magnets in the long run – without any repeat investment or effort.

Real estate magnets can be distributed door to door, used as mailer items, tradeshow swag or in other community events and venues. It makes an effective way to reach out to new clients. Your recipients will look at these magnets dozens of times every day as they open their fridge doors to put back and take out food stuff. Reports show that on an average, in a day, a user opens refrigerator door 25 times a day.  It wont  take people very long to recognize and remember your name.

2.25x2.75 Custom Real Estate Sold Sign Shape Magnets

Refrigerator magnets double up as business magnets that never get discarded or damaged. People won’t bury these in their wallets never to be seen again! Magnets always remain in plain view and your recipients will tend to remember that business name.

Custom Imprinted Picture Frame Magnets 25 Mil Square Corners

Everybody loves freebies.   Even something that may at first seem as small as a magnet has a much bigger impact on a customer than a flyer or a newspaper ad, which people may not see at all or is viewed just once and forgotten!

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