Car Door Magnets- Power Packed Marketing Tools On A Budget!

Car magnets have always been around us. Cost-effective and highly popular, custom car magnets make a great promotional item for some good reasons.

5x7 Custom Printed Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets


Car magnets enjoy a great deal of mobility and can reach a massive crowd of potential customers. The best part is that you don’t need to put in any concerted effort other than driving your business vehicles around the town to get your brand up close among your audience. Car door magnets can reach almost the same number of people as in a postcard marketing campaign at far less investment.


Offered in a wide range of models and sizes, these full-color magnets will command easy attention of the viewers. Make it unique and personal by getting your message and artwork imprinted on these premium quality magnets made in the USA. Anyone who sees these will be inspired to take a closer look at the message on these magnets.

Customization will make the magnets aesthetically appealing and attention-grabbing because everyone will love to drive around a car that looks a wee bit different. If your car door design is understated that blends in with your vehicle, it won’t be noticed and your marketing effort will be wasted. Choose magnets in colors that contrast with your car color to give the best effect.


Use humorous images, funny taglines and artwork that will make heads turn of everyone on the road. It will be an inviting billboard that tempts the onlookers to take a second look at the message imprinted on these magnets.

Keep it simple: Imprint your message and contact details in big and bold letters with ample white spaces in between. Remember, you will be buzzing past customers driving along at reasonable speed. So your outdoor car magnets should be easy to read and decipher. A headline, an image that explains it all and a contact number or website url will complete the design.

Put on both sides: Make sure to put a magnet on both sides of your vehicle to ensure optimum visibility. You can imprint different messages or artwork on these. The more the exposure, the better!

Take your brand wherever your customers go:  Car door magnets are most effective when it is seen by your target customers. So make sure to drive around in localities where your target audience is more likely to see your message. Over time, the prospects will surely call you when they need what you sell because of the familiarity that your brand might have developed with them in the meantime.

Quality matters: Outdoor car magnets are designed to bear the weather elements with ease and retain their clarity and quality. Choose car magnets in unusual and unique shapes that will grab easy attention. It will help you stand out.

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