Custom Car Magnets – Business Promotions On Wheels

Every business owner strives to find cheap and best marketing methods to put their brand in front of thousands of potential customers. That is what makes car magnets a proven choice. Your truck or car will double up as your rolling advertisement every time you’re driving around the city or at the job location. Car magnets never stop working for your brand and during its shelf life, these logo items will make consistent impressions even after the business event.

Outdoor car magnets are cheaper than wraps. The best part is that these are repositionable. You can easily take it off when you wish to, without damaging the surface of your car or affecting the resale value of your car. You can even turn business vehicles into your private vehicle by removing these magnets.

Football Helmet Shape Magnets

Offered in a wide range of models and sizes, car magnets can be customized to command a high level of attention from your audience. You can slap these magnets on different vehicles plying in different routes to ensure a fresh look and a new marketing message every time. Even when you are selling off the old vehicles you can easily remove it and put it on the new vehicles. Thus car magnets make a solid marketing investment.

Car door magnets can be customized with your brand, message artwork or anything else that you wish to share with your audience. Choose from a range of shapes including die cut magnets that complement your mascot or brand, car magnets will get your message stand out in the competition. Consider for instance a pizzeria owner printing a pizza shaped car magnet or a dentist getting a tooth shaped magnet with his message. It will never fail to grab the attention of whoever needs the services.

Pizza Slice Shape Magnets

Car magnets ensure a highly targeted promotion. You can use it for a door-to-door campaign in houses of a particular postcode use it as mailer items in a particular neighborhood or choose to stick on the sales and delivery vehicles operating in an area where your target customers are concentrated.

Tooth Shaped Magnets 35 Mil

Car door magnets are transferable and repositionable, which will give a lot of flexibility for marketers to tweak their promotions and transfer them from vehicle to vehicle as needed. You might want to put your car door magnet on the car during the day, and then take it off when you go out at night. Or, you can place business car magnets on the family van during road trips so you can market your business many miles away from your home turf.

Car door magnets last for years on end and do not require any maintenance, which will further enhance the value of your promotional investment. Car magnets make countless impressions during its lifetime, which not many promotional items can boast.

How has been your experience of using custom car magnets in your promotions? Share your thoughts.