Custom Car Magnets – Promotional items that Make your message Stick In People’s Minds

Magnets may need ferrous surfaces to stick and hang on. However, your message will stick in everyone’s mind with some smart customization! Though magnets are often overlooked or under rated as brand builders, these make a great choice especially during fair weather season. Get your logo or tagline imprinted in full color on these factory direct magnets to make effective billboards for your brand.

Promotional magnets are available in a wide range of models. Match it up with your promotional needs and budget and Voila you have a winning formula to flaunt. You might have used flyers and brochures to get across your message. But often it will be discarded by the users before you even turn your eyes away. The short shelf life of these customary promotional methods often makes it less effective. The success of your campaign is about the number of brochures that reach the hands of your key audience, which is purely dependent on chance. That is what makes custom magnets sure-fire handouts for your business campaigns.

Custom Motorcycle Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

Car magnets For outdoor promotions

Summer season is on and it makes a great time for businesses to get the eyeballs of more prospects on to their brand. The cheerful weather will encourage people to step outdoors and have fun. So, what could be the best way to take your brand in front of them? Of course billboards that move!  You heard it right; we are talking about car magnets. These full color magnets give your business vehicles a unique identity and professional tag.

1.75x2.25 Custom Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets

Stand out from the road traffic and get noticed easily with these magnets. Choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors that you think are related to your brand the closest. Before you even notice, your brand will make impressions. Make it interesting and engaging for the onlookers by getting these imprinted with your brand, taglines or even mascots. The bored motorists inching along the choked highways will have something to talk about and your brand gets into a wider, road active audience!

2.375x3.5 Custom Paint Brush Shape Magnets

Promotional outdoor car magnets will carry a mobile advertisement message that gets spread on its own every time you drive along your sales or service vehicles. These magnets are reusable and temporary; you can take out and stick them as per you whims and fancies. Once it is stuck on the vehicle, you’ll be able to promote your business wherever you go. Heavy traffic? You will still be laughing because more cars that are stuck in the traffic convert to more exposure for your business! Adversity is indeed business opportunity with custom car magnets.

3.5x2 Custom 3-Piece Puzzle Shape Magnets

Explore our complete line of car magnets and shop at your pace; bulk orders carry the best discounts as well; so get braced up for all the upcoming events slated for the sunny summer days ahead.