Top Reasons Why Car Magnets Make A Smart Choice For Outdoor Promotions

Businesses can plan their outdoor promotions better with car magnets. Firstly, these logo magnets will never stay away from the glaring view of the public, the road active audience and the endless streams of motorists. Anything imprinted on car magnets gets spread like wildfire literally. People see, think and talk about products they see imprinted on these sleek and full-color magnets.

So, here are some advantages of car magnets that will give you yet another reason to make these your promotional items

5.5x8.25 Custom Football Shaped Magnets

Easy to apply and remove

The biggest advantage of car magnets is probably its ease of application. Just stick when you want them to be seen and take off when you don’t need it. Easily repositionable, these magnets are not just for cars but can be used on iron boards, walls or filing cabinets. You can even turn your personal vehicle into a business vehicle and vice versa in no time. You can opt for multiple themes in car magnets to give your car a new look every time. You can even use it on different vehicles at a different time to spice up your promotions! Options are truly limitless when you have car magnets as your promotional items.

  1. Easy repositioning.

You can reposition magnets to a different spot or a vehicle easily. No matter how many times you take these off, these magnets will never spoil the surface of the cars.

 Flexible advertising media.

Unlike most conventional advertisements like billboards or flyers that are long term, car magnets are versatile and flexible advertisements that can be changed anytime. It makes a better sense than opting for a permanent billboard for marketers who like to bring in new themes and seasonal elements into their promotions. For instance, Clover / Shamrock Shape Magnets are great for St. Patrick’s day themed promotions and events.  You can update your advertisements any time you wish and update your ad campaign effectively.

2.5x3 Custom Clover / Shamrock Shape Magnets


Durable and well retained, car magnets can be reused many times. So, if you want to reuse some of your favorite taglines, slogans and product ideas in your promotions, all you have to do is reach out to the previous stock of car magnets and use it over again!

Targeted promotions

Car magnets are proven ways to get your message across to your target audience with absolute precision. You can plan mailer campaigns in one locality, door to door campaign in a specific area, etc with ease with custom car magnets. It will ensure that your promotional effort is not wasted and your investment gets an assured return. For instance, if you want to promote your studio, Digital Camera Shape Magnets can be handed out during photography events and contests that bring together the shutterbugs under one roof!
3.56x2.7 Custom Digital Camera Shape Magnets

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